Building spam / Land claim harassment

Hello there, any help on this matter would be appreciated.

I am on Official Server 1737 PvE. Our Clan has built up high in the South East of G8, up above the water over looking the Savanna. When we had our first purge we noticed that some of the npc’s were down below spawning in the savanna and then walking in the water below, so we put some archers down there to help kill them. Anyhow, there is a player that goes by the name of TPO1960 that has a house over in the Savanna and he has decided to build boxes all along the water and under the cliff side. I’m not talking about one small extra house for safety during a sand storm, this person had built probably 8 or more boxes and now has blocked us from building anything up on the ridge. I have read the Harassment and Griefing issues post and one of the things it says is.

"We also already added new functionality such as a whitelisting system so you can control who gets to join your server, tackling building spam and land claim harassment, and adding other features to discourage griefing. We will keep expending on those features and mechanics as well."

What I would like to know is, how do I control building spam or land claim harassment? I am on an official server, not one I have created or purchased.

I am new to posting and to this game. If this is the wrong area to ask this question please direct me to the correct place.

PS, Both the Clan leader and myself has tried to speak to TPO1960 and he doesn’t respond.

Thank you

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Leave the server or be 100% silent about it, sometimes they leave when no reactions.
Funcom will not do anything, ask 1000’s before you.

We play on several servers and freeze the status to only one base and maintain it weekly on the server thats compromised. We play on on the other bases on other servers we use, and return when it has settled. It’s totally redicoulous but this is Funcom official servers, ruled by griefers.

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They might have the chat window hidden and never see what you type. If you open the player list and click on their name, it should open their Steam profile, and you could try messaging them thru that. Of course, if they really are trying to grief you, then doing so might be opening Pandora’s Box as eliciting a reaction might be exactly what they’re after.

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