WTF! The map is 9 days old! Closing off Map Areas


Come on man…You’ve got to address this. This is just BS…9 days the server has been up and these AHoles are spamming the map like crazy and we can’t even get a chance to enjoy the game. Two clans, clearly are working together. A clan called less than symbol « ° » greater than symbol and Shämêleşş with exact same builds are foundation spamming on the Volcanic Island surrounding the forge. Build a base…That’s fine but this video only touches on the amount of SPAM they’ve created. I wouldn’t doubt it’s them that crash the server several times over the last two days.

Here Is just a short video of what they’ve done to the southwest island.


They blocked off the whole south West Island with land claim with 3 other clans! No wonder this games servers died in 2 weeks after it was made free for PS+.


Going live on Twitch to show how bad this is…
(5) Shadow_Viper1 - Twitch

OOORRR…Maybe not. If you see the live…I was showing the SPAM and the server crashed…Again. LOL. This time it is still down. Hopefully, you saw this Funcom.

Protect your NEW game from this type of crap. Integrity matters. Don’t fool yourself. Siptah is a new game with some updates.


It’s definitely worth raising a ticket on Zendesk for Funcom to check it:

Submit a request – Funcom

because posting it on the forum alone isn’t going to get it looked at.


Looks like your average “official” server to me. I quit them a long time ago. Developers can’t patch stupid.

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It will give us a great conversation on how to fix it at least…BUT your response is the one I was looking for. I didn’t know where to report it. it’s time we all start taking action and maybe they will finally take notice.

The solution is simple. Get rid of the reason WHY they land claim.

Make some items IGNORE land claim.
For example. You can’t build your building near me BUT you can place a bedroll, place a thrall on guard, place a trebuchet, and even summon a God.

Allow these land-claim rules and WE will take care of the foundation spamming by wiping out those clans that are so ignorant and ruin the game for everyone else.


You’re earnest, but I’m seeing a pattern in your threads. You seem to not like the way PvP is conducted, but this is indeed the way it is done. If you get invaded by “spam,” your job is to either a) ride them outta town on a rail or b) leave the server yourself.

We had an invasion of sorts, two years ago from a land far away to the east of most of us. These invaders played well, hard, fast and with great coordination. They deposited disconnected blocks in pinwheels and mazes, all around the lands. Starved for resources, we few, we happy few, worked to rid the lands of the infestation of blocks – only to find we needed to make them ourselves.

In all the years I’ve played, the only times I’ve been hard raided were when I deliberately set up Loot Boxes. With loot boxes, you do not despoil the spawned resources around the building, nor do you build protections like “low-soil” foundations in a wagon wheel around you. You would have us go without treb protections?

The admins dont even comment on threads like this… I reported a server on ps4… exiled lands… they blocked off dungeons and obelisks… and nothing still has been dont to them this is over 4-5 months ago… and it just got worse… its sad… but I dont think they plan on fixing anything …

The game is broken because of this… I could go to a private server but the problem with them is… there player run… most of the admins are abusive… at least from my experience… or play favorites…

Then you have official servers in which the dev team doesnt look into even when there are reports… so basically the only solution to see results are to just quit the game and quit buying DLC… and this coming from a person who already purchased alll of them >.<

I just dont understand why they cant make huge amounts of land claim more punishing… if you want to own that much land you need to put the effort in to upkeep it… not just build a spider web where you touch one block and everything you own refreshes from all over the map as long as its attached to the spider web


You’re completely wrong. First, foundation spam IS against the server rules. That IS NOT PVP that’s people just being dicks. You seem to thing that blocking off resources and preventing ANY PLAYER from getting to them is “that’s just PvP”. It has nothing to do with PLAYER vrs PLAYER. I’m all for building bases but claiming the MAP is NOT building a base. Since they’ve arrived, the servers have crashed several times a day and again, people can’t get to the game areas. And because of the landclaim restrictions, we can’t get close enough to do anything about them with Avatars and bombs…LOL, we would need thousands right now.

I LOVE PvP but offlining is not against anyone but a building and foundation spamming is bad for game play for everyone, the server and frankly does nothing but bad things. As you said, we could chip away at the spam but WE shouldn’t have to is the whole point. Blocking off resources or despawning bosses is also against server rules…So, if you want to fight, let’s fight but stop ruining the servers till there is no one left TO fight.

No…YOU are the treb protection. If someone places a treb, YOU get out there and fight…THAT is what PvP is. Not block players from even being able to fight each other. That is NOT PvP.


100% AGREE!

I have two solutions but now you’ve given me a third. Like stability…The further away from your beds you move, the faster the decay time.

Personally, I think making a few items ignore land claim will give smaller clans and solos at least a fighting chance. But let’s be honest…Foundation spamming is because they don’t want PvP. They’re usually trash players that bully other players. I mean, they are raiding level 10 players. Come on man.

If you think foundation spamming is PvP…You’re simply a trash player. It’s directly avoiding the PvP part of the game entirely.

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Like I said, you’re new. While you’re blasting away at the treb you spotted, they’re already building a fortress around the one you haven’t yet discovered. If you don’t pad your claim, you might as well leave it in Sandstone or Flotsam.

Huh? My solution is to allow us to place some items and ignore land claim. I didn’t say allow building. So, while you would be able to place a treb in a claimed area, you wouldn’t be able to build a fortress around it. No building but allow bedrolls, trebs, guarding thralls and summoning. Foundation spam problem solved AND you’d actually get PvP.

Forgive me for trying to bring the thread back to reality. By all means, continue to speculate on a solution awaiting an actual problem.

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There is nothing in my postings that encourages this behavior and your stating this is a gross mischaracterization. Step back the aggression, please.

I am speaking of the reality of the situation. If you don’t understand their motivations, then you really haven’t played long enough vs people. I am a seasoned solo player who knows the facts: PvP is few and far between, and often will not come unless and until there is suitable loot for a clan to want. In order to provoke PvP I will build Loot Boxes with no protective ring or maze. Do you see yet?


This is some big dick energy.


Because reporting is not done with posting on the forums. It’s done by zendesk, as someone already linked, and is stickied as one of the main threads on this forum.


Upkeep. Simplest solution…(coding may tricky, but still most logical. )

Then also 24/7 raid server, dynamic building damage ( offline protection).

This way you have to farm to have such claim, while you are on farming I can blow it up, and maybe we actually pvp.


This also highlights how easy it is to farm during the 19 hour non raid time.