Getting over Fences Exploit

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Getting over Reinforced Fence]
Region: [Everywhere]

Unsure if this has been stated before, but on both multiplayer and singleplayer I have been able to jump over reinforced fences that are supposed to keep people out. I was climbing my roof and had a fence at the top to keep people out and when I reached the top I jumped at the fence and was expecting to get poked by it but when I jumped twice I bounced up and landed on top of the fence. Did not take any damage.

When I jump at the fence I kind of bounce over it, like using the fence as a trampoline.

I tried it on multiple fences and found that as long as you are at mid section to the fence top you can get over it.

Wont be much of a problem if the fence is on a high wall but for groups that just have a fence around their base it will make it easy to get into the base.

I tested it on several different fences and was able to do it on several different attempts.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Approach fence at midsection of characters body
  2. Jump toward fence
  3. After jumping toward fence press jump again
  4. Should be over the fence by now. It was really simple to create

Not sure, but I believe this to be working as intended. The spiked fences and crenelations are supposed to be anti climb - not anti jump. If you are able to get an approach or angle on a fence, and jump at or to the fence on the same plane as the spikes, then you can double jump over them. Just a little bit of Super Mario’ing. :slight_smile:

I would recommend making your walls taller, to prevent raiders from being able to jump into and over your spikes / crenels. Or, clear the area of other structures or decor that can be used to climb over your spike strips.

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Oh I do build my walls high. But if its working as intended then i dont know what to think. I just find it weird that I can climb up a sloped roof and jump at the wall and then bounce over it. Not double jump or get on another surface to jump over but bounce off the spikes.