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When building a pvp base, why do I see some players placing fence foundation on other building parts or on top of them?

What are fence foundation used for and where are they placed when building a PvP base wall?


In watching videos, players put fences on placed foundations, on the side, but not on top. Then, they placed crenelations for the top. It makes it that much harder.


Using fence foundations is a method by which you can layer outer walls so raiders need to break through multiple foundations or fence foundations or a combination of walls pillars and foundations. before they can enter your base.

I suggest checking out PVP building methods on youtube. I would post a link but there are too many. :slight_smile:


pvp is all about protecting your base from being raided , so the “thicker” the “wall” the better , you are talking about the honeycomb layer method , in witch as stated before will add several layers of “walls” to break before even entering a base .

to the method it’s pretty simple there are 2 , first you place a square fundation then you place 4 fences fundations on the 4 side , then repeat the process for each one of your fundations .

the 2nd method if the same first part but instead of using square fundations you use a pillar with a ceilling on top

there are other ways also for more advanced structures like the ones hanging from a pillar placed underneath a natural bridge but then you should type honeycomb structures conan exiles on youtube :wink:

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para fortalezer los cimientos son 20mil de vida

And if you are lucky, a bug creeps up that ignores the fence foundation when explosive goes off, and will destroy stuff around. I have had this happen a few times where i was destroying foundations all around the fence and cren combo, and they took only minor damage. Yay cheesy bugs!!! But no one is doing it because of that :crazy_face: [sic]

Although stacking may be the most important one, there are more advantages to fence foundations:

  • Fence foundations´ stability works from top down and from the ground upwards (like pillars).
    This is a great advantage when a building inside a cave gets raided.

  • They are said to produce less lag than normal foundations.

  • You can use them similar to walls, but they have higher HP.

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And you forgot about the bug where they somehow get ignored until other objects around them are destroyed. But again, no one in Conan would use it because of that :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I found this video on YouTube that shows using fence foundations for construction (making bases stronger). I’ve not tried it myself, but it looked like it might answer your question:

How could I forget since you already posted that before :slight_smile: But to me it is news that there is actually a bug about fence foundations. Are you sure / has this been reported already? Maybe they only get less damage because of beeing dug in the ground and only little surface area of the building piece is exposed?

This video is far outdated by now. The middle anchorpoint of the fence foundations has been removed over a year ago because people abused it. If you are looking for a valid tutorial for stacking have a look at this one:

There is also another method where you can stack five fence foundations instead of four … but it is late now :yawning_face:

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Thanks, @r4nd0mGamer. Clearly, I’m not up on the latest building techniques for PvP base defenses. I’ve usually gone for more RP and PvE structures. Glad there’s an updated video out there for the PvP folks.

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