Fence foundation exploit

Some players use fence foundation in a way they are not supposed to be used. See the pic below, building in progress.

They create some unraidable bases in the ruins, there is 20 or more gates on fence foundations very close at each entrance and you can not put bombs on it. (With explosive arrows it will take you more than raid time …)

I suggest fence foundation must be attached to a foundation like a wall, and if you remove the foundation, they are destroyed. Simple. @Community if you can fix this! Thanks :slight_smile:

Although annoying, it is not an exploit. Cheesy yes.
The way it is done is totally legal btw.
Tkaes 4, 8, and 12 traingle tiles to accomplish this.

but i do agree, this tied to the extra farming about 2 months ago made tenured players rooted the point of even offline raiding would take 4-6 hours just to get thru the 2,000,000 HP some have in the crevice or other top side sealed areas.

This undermines the entire idea of PVP officials, as they are supposed to be places players can have a back and forth. With dead servers+fence stacking+no decay on any loot means the official PVP’s are slowly becoming boring and just boosted PVE-C servers, where any new player/clan might as well reside to being wiped by overstocked players.


Hi @Berserker, to clarify on this matter this is not considered an exploit at this time.


I have exactly this in my deserts gutter with +45 gates each side, its still not unraidable, so i dont know why you are crying?

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