Unknown build limit?

They’re not “legal” documents. Every server you go to, official or private, will have some rules you shouldn’t break. Most private server admins will spell them out and make them available to you before you join the server, just like Funcom does with their official servers. None of that is legally binding – the admin will just ban you from their server and that’s it.

Official servers are no different from private servers in that regard: break the rules and the admin can decide you don’t get to play on the server anymore. Hell, it’s not even something specific to Conan Exiles. Every multiplayer game will have rules and terms of service. Guess what’s going to happen if you break them?

Now, if you don’t want to learn about the rules before playing, that’s your problem. But let’s not pretend that Funcom is asking you to do something unusual here, or that it’s “white knighting” to say “read the damn rules”.

Looks like most do, too.

Yes, it is. I totally agree with that. I really hope they do that eventually.

Of course, even if they decide to do it, it’s gonna be a good while before it gets released, because it’s freaking complicated. And if you want it ASAP, they would have to drop everything else and have people complain about the lack of new features and lack of PVP balance and whatnot. Oh, and when it finally gets released, nobody will be really happy with it, even if it’s bug-free, which it most definitely won’t be.

But I do, really, truly, unironically hope they decide to implement it anyway.

On the one hand, you’re right that a lot of this behavior wouldn’t be there if the game had better mechanics. All of these exaggerated defenses seem to be necessary because of offline raiding. Nobody should be required to spend 5 or 6 hours every day as a minimum – that’s insane. If offline raiding wasn’t a thing, or if it was limited to one or two days a week, there would be much less justification for all these exploitative defenses.

However, it’s also players’ fault, to a degree. What should players do to protect the land around their base? How about build some fortifications? Land claim spam is the cheapest substitute for real fortifications. Funcom decided they don’t want you to PVP that way. :man_shrugging:

When it comes to fence foundation stacking, Funcom dropped the ball, big time. They first said it’s not an exploit, and then changed their mind, and they never communicated either of those decisions in a way that’s easily accessible to players. Instead, only a handful of people like me – people who spend way too much time on the forums – will even know about this. I can’t overstate how much I dislike what they did and how they decided to (not) communicate.

That said, let’s not punish PVE players because PVP players abuse a building technique. Being able to place things close to each other is a legit building technique in PVE that allows us to build more beautiful things than we would be able to without it. Funcom already nuked our ability to overlap certain building pieces – also because that was being exploited by PVP players – and I’m really tired of saying “this is why we can’t have nice things” every time a PVP player says “well if we’re not supposed to build like this then the game shouldn’t allow it”.

Just no, okay? Funcom should make it clear that you shouldn’t do certain things and then you shouldn’t do it, and everyone can be happy without parts of their base being deleted by code designed to stop people who just can’t live with rules.

Honestly, at this point, I’ve said this politely so many times that I’ve lost all patience and I’ll say it less politely: fuсk that noise.

I don’t say that just because I’m tired of being hobbled by the game because a handful of people can’t get it through their heads that they’re playing on a shared server and they should think of others on it. I also say it because it has been explained over and over and over again that a build cap won’t solve the problem, because the problem isn’t caused just by how many pieces you can place, but rather by how you place them.

In order for a build cap to actually solve that problem, it would have to be ridiculously low. No, thanks.