Killing other player's thrall on PVE-C

No, we’re not. That’s the problem.

Personally, I think it’s ludicrous to even think that’s bannable, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that the definitive answer to that question can only come from Funcom. We can only speculate, and we’ve all seen what happens when we speculate about rules, even when that speculation is based on posts by Funcom employees. Case in point: we were all confident that stacking wasn’t an exploit, until it turned out that it was.

If you consider the lack of clarity and consistency that we’ve seen in cases like that, and in light of Funcom’s stubborn refusal to even acknowledge the questions about ToS, would you feel comfortable answering another player’s questions about rules?

I sure as hell don’t want to open my mouth and make a fool and a liar of myself again.