Set In Stone Build Limit

Ther are rules for it

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Anyway, you forgot to specify that you would be asking for these limitations for official PvP servers only? or all of them?
What about single player or my own private server? Can I build a castle there?

In any case, quantifying a build in a simple manner like that is not the way to go. There are some locations where placing even ONE building piece is too much… and some where your proposed 15k can easily fit without disturbing anyone and more! (even thou it’s a ridiculously high number imo even for a clan and results in those needlessly large blocks of building we’ve seen pictures of here - personal opinion btw, I know that a lot will say it’s not much)

The other issue I have with this is that a lot of it is very subjective in other ways… like “serves no purpose” - in whose opinion? (obviously needless land claim is already against the ToS so this must be something additional?)
Same goes for having 2 bases, that only tells me that it’s how you and your clan prefer to play, but I’m sure there are people who prefer to have 3 small bases, while others who have zero and just temporarily set up something on a per need basis.

While I understand that a lot of people would like “more clear rules”, the problem with that is… that these people typically need these hard lines in the sand so they can push right up against it without crossing it… The ToS is slightly ‘vague’ on purpose in my opinion… it essentially can be summed up by “don’t be an a-hole” and people who aren’t… are generally very far from breaking it.

Now there’s the OTHER issue of people being banned that didn’t really break said ToS simply because they have been reported and there wasn’t a proper investigation done and for that purpose, this solution would be a bit better imo:

Not just that though… the main thing would be what we discussed in another topic… Forcing players to sign in on their actual accounts to submit a report… coupled with the recent addition to the ToS about false reporting (but with more serious consequences than noted there - which is essentially a “warning”)

Edit: Forgot to mention that there’s actual development on that front btw, so this might make you happier :slight_smile: As I recall the testlive client already has early versions of an in-game reporting system where obviously the account of the reporting player is getting logged - So I believe that Funcom doesn’t want a “report meta” either and they’re actively working on the problem in their own way


Welcome to the Forum. People have been asking for a size limit or building piece count doubt it will ever happen.

It seems like suggesting build limits is a logical conclusion. However, there is much evidence on the forums as to why it is not and can negatively effect other players.

The main pain points of report meta can be attributed to the ToC itself, as you’ve mentioned, it is incredibly unclear/vague. It can be left to interpretation by both players and administrators.

Zendesk, while an organizational and streamlining tool, currently has its faults as well. There is no general inquiry option which would be integral for the current organic means of self reporting. Additionally, receiving clarification on suspensions at this point is next to impossible because the closest option is to appeal a ban - it causes confusion as players are not permitted to request an appeal of a suspension. But they think they can. The administrator that is reviewing the report may also be confused regarding the aforementioned reason for the ticket and are left to give canned responses.

Consider that there are 2 options regarding reports along this subject: appeal and reporting a player. The ToC was edited recently to add information regarding false reports. What this means is that mistakes can be made, they’re human. However, what is alarming is the rate and volume for which suspensions, bans and adminwipes have been happening and lack of communication that supports why any of it was necessary.

Players affected are left throwing up their hands. Many are confused and feel it is disingenuous.

Throw in that the average player does not visit the forums nor are they aware that the ToC even exists. There is a link to the forums on the launcher yes and of course when agreeing to the EULA they are presented with just that. But no link in game or in the launcher that describes that the rules - even if confusing - exist.

I’ve been writing this on my breaks from work I see there’s a few additional comments since I last viewed this post and 100% agree with warning system and tying the report system to the account.

So with all this said, the solutions are not to necessarily create more programming work or unreasonably inconvenience others.

It is to address the issues with communication, clarity and better the process.

My personal suggestions and summary based on my analysis of this ongoing problem, and having both been suspended legitimately as well as what would appear without just cause:

• clarify ToC
• communication from the company
• enable dynamic building damage on pvp
• explore further solutions regarding offline raiding
• warning system
• tying the report system to account
• live enforcement

I’d written a comment previously that also outlines a similar list so I may come back to edit and expand on these points.


Set in Star Metal would be more fun .

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I’m tired but understand the OP is new…sooooo here is some of the history of this topic

This is just as small sampling

But here is the definitive issue. Time and time again, FC has flat out said it’s not the #foundations. In 2018 they actually corrected the issues with foundations and said…

*“We have been working on improving the loading times and general optimizations for buildings. Conan Exiles doesn’t have any limits for how big you can build and we want you to put these changes through their paces. *Please note that this is for structural buildings only, and not placeables such as torches, campfires, crafting stations and doors.”

So as far as performance, its not about foundations but about placeables, doors, lighting, crafting stations etc. No the walls or foundations.


Hard build limits are a fundamentally flawed solution.

Just to illustrate the point, lets go really extreme and say there is a limit of 100 blocks.

That’s a flat 10x10 square with no walls or ceiling. Just barely enough room to put an altar and a few basic crafting stations. Hardly even functional and definitely not something you could be particularly proud of.

But take those same 100 blocks and instead stretch them out in a line. You’ve just claimed a fair amount of real estate that has no purpose other than to block spawns and prevent other players from building in that area. Depending on where you put it, it could be quite troublesome.

What this means is that this “solution” just created new problems without fixing the old ones. Anyone who’s had to deal with incompetent managers and executives at work is probably very familiar with the concept.


Take myth of empires land claim system > add it to conan > ggez

I estimate that around 90% of players don’t read the official server rules. I’ve seen official servers littered in foundations and noone cares.
The game needs a hard coded limit. Once you reach that limit you get your building locked. This is the best solution.

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@DevilKing I gave your post a like because I support anyone who has had enough with the reporting. However as many have said a simple build limit isn’t the fix. Now if they had some sort of upkeep system implemented, that could potentially help.

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Thanks for pointing out that there is a serious issue.


The proper solution for that is to detect when a player is joining the server for the first time and show them a message explaining that there are rules (which you can read by clicking on the link in the message) and that you will be suspended or banned if you break them.

Anyone who has been made aware of the rules but decided to not even read them deserves whatever happens to them.

Hell no. It’s the worst solution.

People aren’t getting banned because they built over some limit. People are getting banned for other reasons.

One of those reasons is that a whole lot of people don’t even know there are rules and/or bother to read them. Another reason is that even people who read the rules make mistakes trying to interpret them.

I have neither the time nor the patience to explain all of these things in depth yet again. @Kikigirl has already done most of that admirably well, and @erjoh linked several discussions where these things were explored in excruciating detail.

At this point, anyone who has been here long enough to participate in more than one of those discussions and still maintains that the build limit is the best solution is just not interested in contributing anything useful.


This limit doesn’t solve the Land Claim Abuse.
What if a player spams 10k foundations ? They are enough to claim half of the map.

Instead it would limit people, like me, that build HIGH structures while occupying little space on the map.
Ok, probably I would never reach 15k pieces, but the point is that this rule doesn’t solve the problem.

You know what would solve the problem ? People stopping being a***oles and claiming entire biomes like they are in single player. People stop acting like infants, on both sides: the reported and the reporter.

If people would act with more RESPECT for the others, there would be no need for these rules.


The amount of players still playing this way is very small. Yes they still exist but usually they are just weak clans who don’t bother to read or care about the rules.

The majority of players that continue to try and play on official servers have already been banned at least once. They still want to play the game and don’t spam foundations everywhere. Bases are much smaller, land claim is pretty much non existent and people are continuing to get banned. Most don’t know why, some send emails asking why and get a very generic response.
Every busy sever ends the same way now. After some good pvp 2-3 clans get dev wiped. I’ve seen many of these bases and the fact that they are deleted without warning is ridiculous.
Is it considered a exploit of building mechanics
If I accidentally put wedges down that completely ignore each other’s footprint? Or is this a bug that FC still hasn’t fixed. My point is the issue goes much deeper than simple build limit.

My idea is take it easy on the bans obviously there are many “grey areas” that are causing a lot of people to really question the point of even playing this game. Especially with 3.0 right around the corner.

Single player isn’t governed by my the same restrictions as online. And if it’s a private server. You can set the thrall and building limit yourself.

But I get you PvP balancing is ruining this game. They just nerfed another armour set and made it almost useless

I think that if the problem is the claim size maybe an area limit would solve some problems. Put as many pieces you want but in a limited area. Played a game with this system, it was free to play as free player you recieved a good sized yx area to claim, if you needed more you could buy more area. I owned 15 areas had a castle, a forest and build roads all around because they where functional making the char move faster on it. It was fun.

Really? Let’s ask @Kikigirl, @Boobie, and a whole bunch of other people who got punished by Funcom despite trying their best to follow all the rules and being convinced they actually did it.


Why? Your logic is totally wrong here. A limit might be a solution to something but it’s NOT a solution to what Funcom has claimed is the problem. So in the end a limit like this is a solution without a problem.

Funcom has REPEATEDLY said that the number of parts AND the size of the base IS NOT the problem. They have REPEATEDLY said that the problem is primarily the intent or “function” of the placement of those parts. So you could indeed be violating the parts of the ToS Funcom is talking about with just a single block. Are you willing to place a limit of one piece on official players?

And to make matters all the worse here you personally have been told this by both Funcom and many users here - REPEATEDLY. And yet you continue on with this nonsense. What, why???

Ya umm… building limits won’t remove the possibility of violations nor will it address the problems being experienced due to lack of communication, clarity or bettered process.


I don’t think overbuilding is all that rampant, but even if it was, you don’t need Funcom to implement yet another limit that ruins the game for a bunch of people. All you need to do is get rid of the lack of clarity and the discrepancies you yourself acknowledged here.

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