I did a test on my base

The last week ive deleted and moved over 5-600 Thralls/ pets. Emptied out my entire base, removed everything and its still a lag fest. I had almost an entire Square on official pve-c. But with my base empty it is still laggy since last patches, updates.

We need performance patch again, before horses.

Ofc it lagge if u have such a gigantic structure. I doubt I see the difference if you go up from 3 to 4 FPS for example.

Yet the reason they gave for the thrall limit in their livestream was to prevent lag, because “no one needs 400 thralls to lag out other players”.

That just shows me that they have never truly played their own game, since we all know massive buildings cause more lag issues. But, it will surface once the limit is in, and no server performance changes.

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That massive buildings cause laggs too doesn’t imply Thralls aren’t a problem. Both is draining FPS into abysmal rates. I really hope people will have more trouble to maintain large buildings without unlimited Thralls, so this issue is also tackled by the limit.

Can you give numbers of FPS?

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Not just for fps, still rubberbanding sometimes. Yet this is near agsarth and it was raining.

But how hard can it be to draw the doors first, before a wall piece 30 blocks away?

You tell me? Since you have the actual reason figured out. And part of the next patch will more than likely be optimization that is based on the lower thrall counts. What you are doing is only half of the solution. GO the other way and put more thralls. See what happens then. Better yet, player 1000 sandstone foundations and Conan thrones. then try and run full speed thru it. Please share the video for proof.

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Despite popular belief, video game development is difficult. UE4 rendering code being one of the most challenging of the various coding skills. There isn’t an easy fix it button for performance.

A base that is the size of a map grid, is still a base the size of a map grid. Computers can only do so much when you have that many poly’s to render.

When you go home from an 8-12 hour work day, do you follow that up with all your free time spent doing the same exact job? To the letter?

Despite this argument often being thrown around, Funcom devs do play Conan Exiles. Not that I would blame they if they didn’t. I no longer can see Conan Exiles the same way after spending nearly 2 years modding it. All I see are art assets and code. On the rare occasion I let myself play an actual video game, it’s not Conan Exiles.


That’s true, and the also the exact reason I don’t own Farm Simulator '19.

But, this is why they set the thrall cap so low. This is why they think that massive buildings aren’t a big issue. If they don’t take the time to experience the end results of what they do, how do they know whats best or what to fix?

Actually the reason they gave is that there is a noticeable server performance drop when there are 600+ active thralls around. If all the OP did was move his thralls somewhere else on a PvE-C server, well, that’s not going to do jack squat.

My quote came from what Jens said, so Im going to stick with it.

Not our fault that Funcom promised something that in the end didn’t work out.

Yeah, see, the thing is we’re in one of those situations where the reason it didn’t work out is because people abused the hell out of it.

It’s like going to an all you can eat buffet, but it had to close down because there’s that one guy who comes in and just pigs out on the entire buffet all the time.


What Glurin wrote is still true though… the server still has to handle the thralls no matter where you move them… and everybody else’s thralls.

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Draining the massive load of followers items and building pieces is a step towards huge game quality improvements such as: more players on an official server, more accurate PvE encounters without aggro delay, more reliable PvP combat, less exploiting which is easier with low FPS, more immersion with faster loading structures ect ect ect…

Please be more open to the positive sides of this big change.

Some ppl here act really like the privileged prisoners, who defend the incarceration to maintain their special role.


To some degree, yes… I get paid good money for that and problems in Software can happen anytime… and then sometimes I had to work at weekends in emergencies…

When I was working for the Governement, most deployment started Friday night and with testing everything, sometimes it needed until Sunday…

And its not like they dont play games. Jens was quite excited to play Death Stranding…

But you were technically still working (or on the job). @Multigun is talking about leisure time/down time. Like a baker who makes cakes all day. They don’t go home and cook cake for dinner.


I did it more in the past… helped people in a big developer forum until it was sold. Even made some opensource projects and helped other people in some.

But it all depends on the private circumstances anyway, If you even have time to play at all.

Edit: but often, when you are struggling with a bug/problem you cannot stop at home. Also I often rethink (mostly in the shower) many things I did in the work and what I will do…

Edit2: but then again, I play Conan to get on some other thoughts… which isnt a good solution when you work at this game… :slight_smile:

Yeah I think that’s the whole point, I’ve certainly worked on projects in the past that, ultimately, I didn’t feel like playing them in my spare time. Not because they were bad but because I was full of them already.

All that said, I am not sure I buy the premise that no-one at Funcom plays CE in the first place.


Yeah, I don’t buy that, either. That’s the nature of work in general: sometimes you work on stuff that doesn’t interest you enough to engage with it outside working hours, but other times it’s something you really dig and want to keep at it.

During the first load or after?

The cause of the lag is the rendering of the buildings more than the Thralls. If the thralls were the cause they would not fall into foundation pieces or the world. The issue is if someone has 500 thralls and they could level them all, it would break the game.