I did a test on my base

I am actually concerned about the power level of these new super level 20 followers. My Pelor, the Well-traveled can already solo pretry much anything. So, what the hell are these super followers going to need us for?

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Get framerates and compare. It’s not one thing Vs another, all of it adds up to abysmal server FPS.
removing most Thralls is just step one. Next thing would be harder purges or something that force people to cut down on their base size.

I’ve been harping about performance since day one of the official release and you see how far we’ve gotten. I’ve probably mentioned before that when I played online with friends, we did it in a private server with three people, three or four structures (moderate sized), and a handful of thralls each. Still lagged. Still performed poorly. Thrall limits and building limits likely aren’t the answer to the poor performance. I have similar games that have way more content than CE and they play like silk; they don’t even heat up my system.

People love coming up with a myriad of excuses for the devs, but that doesn’t change the fact that they need to put bugs and performance first and foremost on the priority list. Anything short of that is putting a Band Aid on an arterial bleed. Seen all this happen before with a now extinct game by another dev. Excuses don’t get anything accomplished and adding more and more content to a buggy game with questionable performance just makes it top heavy and doesn’t help fix a thing. The game’s foundation must be solid or nothing will work.

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“The answer”? No, of course not. Part of the answer, oh yes, they most certainly are. And again, it’s not because of poor design or server hardware or network connections. It’s because there’s always going to be “that guy” or multiple "that guy"s on the server, whether it’s malicious or not. People that will push the system beyond the breaking point and then complain that it broke. Doesn’t matter what other performance fixes you do if you never decide how to rein in those folks.

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This isn’t about your PCs performance.

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The problem isn’t in everyone’s PC’s…that’s old, tired, and was ruled out for me a year ago and I’m far from the only one. You must be one of those guys with a really high end PC and have no problems with the game. Yeah…so do I except I have had problems with the game as well as everyone I’ve played it with. And bugs aren’t a PC issue, they’re within the game build. This game has a lot of them.

I think it was my ANTI PURGE (I only got rocknose elites purges) Black Ice Criss Cross Fence Foundations that lagged out the place to be honest, and not the pets. After manually deleting my entire base stretching all over G8 not huge stretches but a single foundation wall lines and towers and such.

But after removing those criss cross foundation fences it was smooth and not the thralls/ pets.

Also spiked to death around 800 pets and thralls now. Old clanmembers and mine.

Also while i was deleting my base it was nice to see the stones, trees and pets coming back to life… I felt humble for a moment, trying to keep my bases tidy and clean xD

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