Improvements in PVP performance

I propose a solution to improve performance on pvp servers,

  • Impose a foundation limit per zone, and if players in advantage places the degradation time will not be bound, and will be 1 hour for all excess foundations.

  • Solutions : The flag system is not bad to prevent players from building in the area, blocking the number of foundations would force players to use the flags.

-Imposing a thrall limit block the fact of being able to forward a thrall and place it close to another thrall would avoid storing thousands of thralls in a base, make a limit of thralls per clan, the life of the thralls could gradually decrease once the limit is exceeded. (only for excess thralls)

-Solutions: Setting traps to place on walls that could shoot arrows there would necessarily be a limit because the build would limit what would improve a lot of things in terms of server performance.

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