Why am I censored when I give a negative opinion on conan exiles?

Why am I censored when I give a negative opinion on conan exiles?

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I’m talking about my suggestions that have been removed and my post about the number of builds on official server pvp.

If you want an answer instead of just making vague accusations, you’ll have to be a lot more specific than that.

And @AngryYog57 this thread?

Nothing is taken down, but the idea itself is just stupid… So no one bothered to reply there.

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If you feel like something has been removed by mistake or unjustified, please reach out to any of our community team members for clarification.
However, I can’t see any of your posts being removed or hidden from our side?

I see there is one thread from yesterday regarding an exploit report. It was flagged from the community side and then hidden by a moderator.

According to our rules, we do not allow exploit discussion on our forums. In that specific thread, you were asked to follow our procedure regarding exploit reports and reach out to either @Ignasi and/or @Hugo directly.

I hope this clears it up. However, again, please reach out to the community team directly if you have any questions regarding moderation or content being removed or hidden. We do not hide criticism and feedback posts as long as they are constructive and follow our forum guidelines. They are important to us to be able to keep improving Conan Exiles. :slight_smile:


Stupid? Why? You play on official Pvp? If u want i can show you some bases where you can’t play because they have abusive building. And @Mikey
Its not accusations I have post à suggestions

Your accusation is that you were “censored” because you “give a negative opinion”. Not surprised to see that this isn’t the case, though.

Its abusive for YOU. Its part of the game :smiley:

But what is even abusive building?

@Mikey nvm

All right everyone,
I think this specific thread is done regarding to why it was posted. Now it’s derailing into name calling.
Closing this thread.
Please be good to each other :heart: