Automatic limitation of building size


Like many administrators, my server suffers from a growing database, which causes slowdowns (FPS in particular) as soon as about 30 players are connected at the same time.

Like many server administrators, I have to wipe my server every 6 months or so, to the great disappointment of the players.

I know that the database can’t really be improved, that the programming choices made by Funcom in this area are unfortunately not optimal, and that we have to live with it.

When I study my database more closely (see screenshot), I see that it is the buildings that take up a lot of space.


Since I can’t count on the good will of the players to limit the size of their buildings by themselves, I suggest that Funcom sets up an automatic limitation system, per player/clan. Like the system already integrated that allows to limit the number of Thrall/Pets.

The idea would be the following: a single player would only be allowed to have X number of building pieces. Each additional player in a clan would be allowed Y additional pieces.

For example: 5’000 pieces for a single player, 5’000 + 1000 for two players (clans), etc.

Thank you!


Something like this was suggested in the past, alot. No idea if it’s being considered anymore.
We’ll just have to wait for Siptah to be officially released, and maybe they’ll consider approaching the building issue. Right now they seem to have their hands full.
I’m up with your idea. I’ll take any solution to this problem as long as it limits building.



as most players have the asthetic abilities of a drunk bulldozer and find spamming 100000000 fundaments is a great idea, especially if the FPS suddenly drop to 20 looking on their “wonderful piece of art” they planted, (… sorry was short outside vomiting…)

could there also be some limitation for fundament spamming?

I mean, it IS possible to build a wall, a bridge, a fortress without spamming fundaments. GOD SAVE THE FPS!

Oh… and being able to build nearly in front of the Siptah Dungeon Doors makes people also very creative
to build where you should better not build if you have a sane mind… which seems not valid for a high % of online creatures.

Oh, yes a third thing: Collecting 100000 animals and other thralls standing somewhere useless around is also a hobby on off. servers. Fantastic performance killer.

oh, and 4th: spamming oil presses, fish traps and fertilizer pits is also a very loved hobby. NIce to see senseless not used 100 presses, 100 pits, 100 traps at a waterside… well, if your pc reacts still with these fps…

Sometimes i ask myself: god… what problems do you guys have? But even god shakes his shoulders.

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