Risky BANK - Campsite - Idea

It would be useful to have an in-game bank :bank: where the player can keep his most valuable items :heart: safely.

The bank should be 100% safe offline and risky online when a player wants to use it. :thinking:

I propose a bank in the form of a “campsite” that takes time to build (and time to take apart).

In this case, the bank / campsite must be defended against other players (or creatures), so using it is risky online.

Note: I will expand this idea a bit with more details later.

In PVP, such a system would balance the difference between players who play little and those who play a lot every day. There is no worse end of a day after hard work than to get in the game and see that you’ve lost everything (because someone chose to raid your base).

If the players were sure that at least they had something in the bank, they did not lose everything. I think more people would try PVP mode. In that case, they could even take their revenge right away (using items from the bank).

If the campsite was attacked in PVE by creatures (something like purge), I think building it just for the sake of combat would be cool. :star_struck:

I wonder what the community thinks about it. Will you speak up? :writing_hand:

In the previous post, I simplified. Here I will write what I really want to see in the game.

The campsite should be customisable. :wrench: :scissors: :safety_pin: :guitar:

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I see it that you have to summon a special companion to build a camp. That’s when construction begins. If you leave the game or recall your companion, deconstruction will begin.

If the campsite would have 5 inventory slots. Each one would take a minute to build. Construction and deconstruction would take a total of 10 minutes. A better companion means less construction time.

That’s all I thought about. :thought_balloon: