A suggestion to make the Offline raids less "painful"

So I’ve played Conan for years and while I have rebuilt my bases many times over (most often from being offline raided) I think too many people just burn out from it or quit the first time they are raided and they see hours of work just disappear/be stolen. I see this happen even to folks who claim they are all in it for the heavy PVP and they love the game while they are raiding others but too often they quit when someone raids them and takes or destroys all their gear. This is also a big driver for the large bases which are causing folks to be banned in that there is no real offline protection other than making your base as large and costly to raid as possible.

At one point we were told that there would be a new dynamic offline raid protection by Funcom but best I can tell, that has disappeared. As a result I’m wondering if a simple fix would be to just allow every player to in effect have a “bank” where they can safely store a small amount of items without risk of losing them. My experience is that rebuilding bases isn’t that hard but instead it is losing top crafting thralls and gear that is what is most painful. Having a “bank” (that could be as small as a single chest or even a wooden box) would allow a player to store their most valuable items and thus make offline raids less painful for players.

I wouldn’t be surprised if such an approach would even increase the amount of PVP/raids in the game in that folks would be less worried about losing all their stuff if things go bad. Right now feels that most players just try to hide in their bases.


I think there is merit to this idea.
I mean 20 slots is not a lot of loot if you go the wooden box route. Of you count hot bar plus armorthat is 13. Meaning only 7 slots for mats/thralls. And to keep it from being exploited (or at least harder) have it where only the player can access thier own bank. Thisbwould also allow for protection against troll on pve who get you in clan, then kick you. At least you would have a starter stash.


Or… A real bank. In Sepermeru for example, to create a bank were you can go and deposit things in exchange of gold. And not only Sepermeru, but buccaneers Bay and outside new asgard too.
You pay great amounts of gold to buy a slot, maximum 50. This deposit can be done only from clan leaders and ofcurce only them can withdraw as well. Plus these points must be safe pvp zones. No pvp must be allowed there. It’s not only old players that will have benefits from this but new players too. The greatest reason pvp in Conan exiles has issues with popularity is because new players cannot survive, they stand no chance against veterans. So they do not just quit pvp but the whole game too.


This would solve other problems too. If you wanted to take a break from the game, there’d be no more need for bodyvaulting. It might even drastically cut down on refreshers just logging in once a week, which means it would be good for all game modes. It’s not so urgent to have to keep up your huge base if you don’t need it to hide your essential stuff in it when you’re offline. I like it. Also players could be bandits, waylaying people to and from the bank!

Just a funny side note, the other day I lost all of my dragonpowder, alchemical base, T4 taskmaster and armourer and lots of other good stuff because we were going on holiday (in real life). I put it all on a gazelle and headed out of my base to hide the animal. I was moving through the treetops and the gazelle decided to follow me along the ground, was killed almost instantly in the jungle and I couldn’t find the body before it decayed. Lost everything, had to laugh. That wouldn’t have happened if there’d been a bank.

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Terraria has a bank feature where the items are stored as part of the character data and not tied to the map. Something similar could be done here, especially if the bank is a static location like others suggested. This would have nearly zero impact on server resources since it would be stored on character without needing to update (except when accessing it). And all that is stored is maybe 10-20 itemIDs.

This has some really interesting uses for both PVE and PVP.

I don’t foresee any exploitive things with only a few slots either. Even if people used it to hide stuff, they’re not hiding much. But its still enough for a player who’s been wiped out, or took a hiatus to get back in the swing of things.

Biggest problem I see is that archers thralls don’t start shooting until the enemy is way too close. Guarding archer thralls should start shooting at a range greater or at least equal to that a player can. As it is now, there is an enormous disparity in archery range between npcs and players.

I think you’re in the wrong thread mate :rofl: Or you didn’t read the OP.


The problem isn’t that players go raiding bases when the owners are offline. The problem is that your thralls and pets can’t properly defend your base – this is something neither you nor Funcom seem to understand.
My above post is just a small offer to help solve the issue. There are so many other problems I haven’t even touched yet, but one small step ay a time.

I agree, if 55 (Solo max) can’t ward off another solo and their thrall, there is something seriously broken. Not to say over multiple days of raiding in a window a solo shouldn’t ever get all the way in, but let’s just say me and 1 can mate plus our thralls were able to punch all the way thru a 3 man clan with about 60 pets/thralls and get 2 or 3 vaults of stuff in about 2-3 hours window. That shouldn’t have been possible. at minimum we should have to chip down the defenses over 2 or 3 days (raid windows of course).


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything. Tone must have been off. I was just laughing because this wasn’t a general thread about offline raiding issues. The OP made a really specific suggestion about a bank, and people were discussing that.

Then you came in and started talking about archers, for a second I genuinely thought you’d posted in the wrong thread. I thought it was funny is all :grin:

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Archers have an issue hitting moving targets at the range they shoot now. And I believe this is by design. With a RHTS Archer you could have them hitting for around 120-150 dmg per shot (Grey One Bow and decent arrows). If archers were more accurate it could make mass archers stupidly hard to overcome in an active (online defenders) raid situation.

Changing up archers this way isn’t the way to go. You want to encourage active raiding over offline raiding. Making active raiding harder will simply encourage more offline raiding. As it would be much easier to deal with archers when their owners aren’t trying to stick you in the back.

I’ve said it before, you could increase the damage of archers to the point of deleting the character shot on hit from the server and forcing a reroll, while increasing the range to hitting both maps, and it would not stop or mitigate offline raiding.

Usually you can avoid 45 of those 55 thralls anyway.

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Isn’t this just a modified bodyvaulting where you can still play? While I would use it, I don’t believe it’s necessary because it goes back to what I have been preaching for ever on here…play smart and quit using tactics that have failed you and others before. Every time I see ideas like this (and don’t get me wrong…it is a good idea to keep stuff) I think why do I bother spending hours and hours adding one square at a time and assessing risks of potential overbuilding in hidden caches across the map to ensure I am not wiped when my visible fake base or my crafting hidden base (or both) are raided? Why do I spend 30 minutes before logging offf running around the entire map making sure I can reset the timers of all of these? You mentioned it’s a bummer to loose all that time…that is what these changes to maintain the loot do with me…i spend hours not building but planning and strategizing. The building part takes about 15- 30 minutes of my 3 hour play time. If it was something ridiculously low…like 10 slots and you can’t access it for an entire week once added…sure.

Building protection around your stuff is fine…but like all things…moderation is the key. You don’t need a quarter mile of foundations spider webbing from your base…you don’t need 100+ doors stacked. The game minimizes real time defense strategies against assaults and I don’t believe anyone can seriously say that this hasn’t been abused. Here is the major point in this…I see maybe 1 thread a month about how explosives are overpowered in the game and that is the root cause of the extreme usages. I believe this is because people that are landclaiming and fence stacking in extreme also love the idea that you can crack a base open relatively easy. Now as far as those that play in sprints, doesn’t bodyvaulting cover that?

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Not really. Your body stays in the game for 7 days. What we are asking is a way for people who can’t maintain 40 hours a week online. Sure there those that can, but reality business wise, FC doesn’t make money per hour you play. They make money on DLC buys. As a pvp player I quit buying dlcs once I realized legendary gear was better. Siptah was purchased solely for the new map experience (which went away when the all be it cumbersome thrilling was replaced with copy paste mechanic from Exiles, along with maelstrom nerfing). Many a pvp friend would rather play when they want, not because they have to. So those are lost revenue streams. So, banking allows a clan to build back even quicker. Hell s9me qould keep fighting gear and just be hired fighters. Create a variation of players vs what we have now on pvp. 40 hour base babysitters with occasional burst from casuals showing up.


Ao following up on. the 20 slot bank…
Here is what I would stash. These items allow me to get a base up and running within hours.

Description Slots
Hardened Brick-1000. 2
Insulated Wood-1000. 1
Steel Reinforcements-500. 1
Hardened Steel-200. 2
Alchemist Base-500. 1
T3-T4 Black Smith. 1
T3-T4 Armorer. 1
T3-T4 Alchemist. 1
Epic Armor. 5
T4 Pick Axe. 1
T4 Sickle. 1
T4 Fighter Thrall. 1
Weapons 2
Total Slots 20


And as far as storing only bombs for quick repay, if you put 6 stacks of jars, 7 stacks of tar, then you could only do 700 dragon powder . you could do 20000 dragon powder, but then you have to craft stone jars and tan hides. Slowing you down for a few hours. just make that non storage. only thralls, weapons, tools, armor and building mats (Stone based, wood based, metal based.)

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It would be nice if you had 5 slots more to place some legendary repairs, oils, star metal, a horse and a shaddle.

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DynamicBuildingDamage is on my gportal server in the pvp part. You have to turn it on to make it work.

(If set to True buildings can only be damaged as long as the building owner (clan or (NEW IN SIPTAH)individual) is online (and the restrictions for when PvP and building damage above are followed). When the last owner of a building goes offline, it can still be damaged for the duration of the Dynamic Building Damage Periode.) which you can set the timer how you want. DynamicBuildingDamagePeriod. mine is set for 60 seconds after someone logs off.

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I thought Alpha was the server bank. :person_shrugging:t4:

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This is information Funcom actually needs in order to turn this on for officials. Particularly in how well it is working on these servers using it, and any implications for the settings being used.