Vacation List (Followers Cap solution)

Hi :wave:. Thrall and pet cap seems to be unavoidable, so I propose that breaking bond with followers would result in transfer them to the Vacation List - with help of the warhorn :postal_horn:, we can summon them again.

All followers who were to be randomly deleted after implementing the Leveling System patch could be moved to this Vacation List.

Note: As “followers”, I mean all human warriors, pets and mounts.

What would it look like?

  1. We choose one of our followers.

  2. We break bond - all equipment goes to the bag or to player inventory or to the nearest warhorn inventory (I’ll explain why later).

  3. We approach the warhorn and use it just like normal workstation.

    • List of inactive followers appears.
    • We can remove or summon each of them (if player have not reached the followers cap).

  4. After summon, the follower appear next to the warhorn - at the lowest level, without any equipment (will explain in a moment).

Why does the follower have to lose equipment?

  • That there would be no abuse. If the summoned followers had all their equipment, it would be easy to transport the entire army to another player’s base. It would also be easy to transport a large number of items.

Why would a follower lose his level?

  • To make the list take less space in the save file - default followers are just an Id. number.

What if I get rid of the warhorn or if someone destroys it?

  • The list should be available from each warhorn and assigned to the player’s character. In this way, the followers collection would not suffer at all.

Why create such a list at all?

  • Many players like to collect everything that can be collected. This applies to the collection of pets and thralls as well as mounts. With such a list, the flollowers limit would not bother catching them all :scream_cat:!

Note: The Ivory Warhorn placeable and Vacation List name are selected for an example only.

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Thanks for reading :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Yet another good out of the box thinking idea. Well done.


I love the idea. It’s similar to the Barracks System another player already proposed, but yours is much better in terms of UX!

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I probably took screenshots for my idea when @Dragonman published his topic and I will definitely look at it :mag:.

In Thursday’s stream we should find out a few details about the system itself, maybe we are unnecessarily worried and the developers are considering their own solution :pray:.

Thanks for support :+1:.

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