Limit the number of thralls, pets and buildings

In order to improve game performance and gameplay experience, there should be a limit for:

  • Number of thralls a player can place on ground (no matter how many you break and keep in storage). If one thrall gets killed the player can place another one.

  • Number of pets a player can place on ground (no matter how many they keep on animal pens). If one pet gets killed the player can place another one.

  • Number of building items a player can place (foundations, walls, ceiling, everything should add). If pieces get destroyed/abandoned, “credit” will be added for the player to build more.

Players will think it twice before leaving hundreds of pets around for no reason, or forcing the game to render thousands of units of walls, foundations, columns and such, just because.


Do you play on official servers? If so, would recommend seeking a player admined one if this is a problem for you.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s intended to improve game/server performance in general.
The no limit for building and companions should work for solo games locally (you decide if you want to overheat your PC/console).

I don’t have an issue playing with how it is now. So I would say it isn’t as far reaching as you’d propose. This is more or less a back door nerf to gameplay, because of the wrath of rando construct vandalism on officials. And is just one’s lot in life for choosing to play on officials, i.e. unmoderated play spots. And it is not a benefit to the wider game.


I liked playing on officials a lot. Started a Clan with my wife, met some players. Had to leave when after several days both servers I played in were down, and no official answer about it.
I did have a couple of game crashes while running through high pets populated zones.
Most complains about official servers I read are related to the wrong use/abuse of players who intentionally place dozen of companions around or leave huge buildings in the way of many players. I believe that limiting the amount of actions you can do will certainly leave you with no option but to improve your game and make only the best choices.
Well, it’s just one of my suggestions/wishes for this game.

It will kill all the creativity. And how to regulate clans and big clans. Although with the restriction on the number of thralls/pets (let it be large, but it will be) I agree, it is sad to see crowds of pets thrown on the street

Depends on limit, Walking up to 40? not that bad… walking up to 180+ and a massive building thats 100 x 100 and then some… and pets are 1-2m apart covering entire section of map?

Ya… my ps4 gonna start on fire, and watching them slowly load in over 10mins of standign there at 5fps. They need a limit, LOL

I think when people mention limits, there not taling, “5” or “10” There talking some decent amount that average player never hits. But the guy/gal who goes out of there way to spam thralls and pets over massive section of land no one can go to anymore… ya. Its issue that should be looked into. XD

One guy on server I was on has a massive pyirmid in snow… and several tower, bridges… and spiders… oh god the spiders…EVERYWHERE. I was starting count then relized even staring one dirction and counting, they were STILL loading in… Hell didnt even see towers on corners till 4-5min mark when they loaded in.

I build some decent sized stuff but this was over kill.

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The nerfs are auto killing offline single player mode. Limit the build also empowers big alpha clans.

I totally disagree with this, sorry.

It will kill the game, making a lot of players from PvE and PvE-Conflict disappear.

I think the decay time for buildings even should be risen as I often mentioned.

But the pet/thrall systems sucks relating cleanup. Here should be similar rules then with the buildings relating life time. Now, as the feeding system was cancelled, the pets/thralls feel as if they live forever. There is no really easy way to ged rid of them per commands (even there are workarounds) nor makes their decay mechanism any sense in the moment. Their decay time should be bound to the nearby bases (maybe some days more) or, if left alone in the wilderness without a return base, at least be not much greater then any similar building.

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