The problem with this people is that they don't know what they have on their hands

So i waited over a year to play isle of siptah, i bought it on release day, but only managed to play a few hours because all servers are full, all day, the few times i manage to enter and play the lag was unbelievable, i built my house and in the next day so many other clan build around it and i can’t expand, everyone is land claiming nonsense. The connection usually sucks, takes forever to load everything, the inventory, whatever you have on boxes, the textures, sometimes i can’t even walk without going back a few steps because of lag, you find other players and all you can see is the name floating around you. There are no decay timers on Pve-C servers, HOW ON EARTH YOU RELEASE 5 SERVERS FOR EUROPE, 6!!!, WITH 40 SLOTS, THE PROBLEM WITH THIS PEOPLE IS THAT THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE ON THEIR HANDS, Conan Exiles is a game that offer so many things and experiences that you can’t find in another game, everyone who tried love it, i love this game, i didn’t care of all the bugs and problems it has because i love it so much but this, this is the top, i can’t stand this and with this you’re only showing how cheap and mediocre as a company you’re, it’s been a week and we on console didn’t receive the supposed rewards from the twitch challenge and seems i lost all the time i expend watching those lame streamers play with the mods we should have on console, (things the game should have as default) I’m done with the game, i have bought all dlcs now but I’m regreting it, if you care a bit of your fan base, add servers, make them with different rules, add events, increase the looting x2 for small periods of time as events or something, AND BRING BACK THE NUDITY FFS

I’m playing on PS4 Pro with a good internet connection, this is the only game that have those problems for me

I have seen people link that the Reward was supposed to unlock 2 weeks or so after it was achieved. This was very poorly communicated because all the pages that communicated the information were set up in a way that made it look like you needed to be participating in the Twitch Drop events in order to get any of the the drops from either event.

Front and center it should have been clear the release day of any rewards earned in the event if you weren’t releasing them at the conclusion of the event. This is just common sense, because it keeps gripe threads to a minimum in the forums.

I feel sorry for the Playstation users who had to join the Imperial Eunuchs due to roll back of full features. Conan is strictly popular with an older audience. There’s almost nobody in the younger generation of any country that you can market this High Fantasy Adventure stuff too. You’ll know we are all in trouble if they start adding Rainbow Unicorns, Neon Pegasai, and other hyper girly horses to the game. On the surface it will be to break into the “Female market” but it will only dilute the Conan Adventure theme and invite profligates to swarm the game.

I think there are a lot of Mature gamers that have been chased out of every other game online and Conan Exiles is a good home for them. It would be really nice if Funcom made it clear they understood that and drew a clear line to encourage likeminded folk to come over… but the company is probably limited in what they can express or even promote because of how censorious and forceful about mutually undesired integration many platforms are.

So it boils down to a silent pact of trust between Funcom and it’s customers here in Conan Exiles.

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