Enough is enough!

OK I have played and followed Conan Exiles since launch on PC and on PS4, I have ‘enjoyed’ the game the entire time. I have bought all the DLC’s for PC and for PS4. I have seen bugs and development ignored for no reason other than “we don’t want to!” down to falsely claiming that it is “impossible to do”.

You refused to put in game text chat into the PS4 version so people either just walk around trying to emote conversations at each other which can take an eternity with the number of emotes there are and the stupid pin wheel used to access them or they run away or slay you where you stand because why not when your messing around finding the wave emote.

You refused to put a text search function on the crafting menu to look for parts claiming that it was impossible on the PS4 when there are text search functions elsewhere in the game like in the Feats section. Your reasoning is baffling at the least.

You failed to realize that the prev Gen console versions run like crap, the map takes ages to load up and can leave you waiting for your death to happen as you fall into the next part of the cave because it hasn’t loaded only to see yourself being killed by a mob that’s seen you long before you have had a chance to see it! prime example of this is coming out of the silver mine up at Superemu.

You eventually launched a testlive version of the game but don’t seem to use it to fix any issues. It’s used more like a preview of the mess your about to give us and that you completely ignore all other versions of the game except the PC version anyway. This is never more relevant than the 3.0 update.

What a massive pile of crap you launched on the people you call your fans!

Not only is it full of bugs but the new in game “Bazar” which you introduced to fleece people of their money for very little effort (Not releasing moderately sized DLC’s but launching a skin for one item that you may be tempted to buy with coin rather than grind challenges for) but only to see that system fail along with the missing texture maps for nearly every item in the game. The game isn’t unplayable it’s just frustrating as hell to play currently.

For me I really do not hold FunCom in very high regard when it comes to game development because of all these stupid little things you do. Take time and look at your company, your work ethic and just take 5 mins and see how much you could change if you actually gave a damn!

If you produce Dune with the same vigor as Conan Exiles I’ll give that a pass. The trailer looks great as did Conans but the game is bound to be utter crap if you are using CE as the benchmark!

Sort out your game, Use the Testlive servers properly and work on it’s feedback. Launch Testlive servers for PS4 and XBOX because we all know you don’t give a damn about them and just run the code through an automated translation service and don’t test what you end up with!

Your work ethic is pathetic!


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