Build Limit for PVP

Honestly ive been on so many servers and most servers are dead because people can claim so many land, if they are a big clan they can claim half the map in 1 day easy…also the fact funcom introduced horses, spammed land makes horse not enjoyable, and frankly is pvp not about the fight aspect, most servers feel like pve with a little twist.

Funcom should give per clan a set amount of building items, and decorative item limit aswell.
Then this would bring back life to all servers, open up spots for new players to set a stronghold and battle against other clans.

If this wont be done, then answer me this , why introduce mounts?the clans that rule servers now , they are lazy and just refresh timers mostly, because the server is low on activity…this can be prevented…just add a build limit per clan as we got a thrall limit per clan.


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