[PC]Official server #1064 PvP - g-portal.com Lost my stuff in the tube of Deserter's Gutter

Hello everyone,

It seems that after the last patch we can no longer build in the Deserter’s Gutter 's tube.

I had a base and a lot off stuff in there (mostly named thrall and explosive jar) is it possible to have it back ?

We haven t any warning of any kind to put the stuff out of the base before you patch it, so please can you give me my stuff back ?

Btw i m an old funcom customer here, played AO, AoC, Secret world, and was enjoying Conan exiles since today.

I m really looking for having my stuff back i m counting on you guys.

Nickname is [PLS]Evil_mouette on the server

Thank you kindly.


bumping this one up

Bumping up again

They warned everyone beforehand in several Testlive patchnotes, tweets, etc during the last couple of weeks.
This one is on you, pal.
Shouldnt have built an exploit base.

Sorry but not every player play on test live and also not every player read twitter.

They can patch the game no pb with that but they cannot make ppl lose all the time sped farming and building.

Btw it was not an exploit, you just had to climb to go in there, no need for glitch or anything, the place was accessible with just a regular climbing.

And not every one cares if you do not pay test or read twitter. The warnings were made several times. It is not their job to send a mail pigeon bearing all the news to your doorstep.

You don t care and i m fine with it cause i don t also care about what you think i just want a honest answer of funcom here, we re customer, we pay for our games, we don t have to lost anything on their decision.

So still waiting for an answer from a professionnal.

Bumping it up, need an answer on that, still hearing my thrall working up in the tube.

I’ll save you some time here. Funcom won’t do anything. They don’t even log into servers to delete obvious troll/exploit bases. There is no way you are getting your stuff back. It’s just not going to happen.

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