After update, all my things and base are gone

Hi, I am on the xbox one x, just got a patch 06/06/2018 after that logged in to server and all my stuff and base is gone?? all I can see is my thralls that’s it

how long were you offline?

been playing every day, last on 6 hours ago

oh damn sorry to hear that i have yet to be able to get on my server hopefully my things are there.

wow it just got bad, just logged in and I am at the gold sporn, naked no stuff on me at my bedroll

I have put in a lot of hours, and lost everything. that’s it for me with this game!!!

I definitely say rebuild man,if you had been raided it would have been the same ordeal. I would suggest pressing escape in game and checking the “event log” tab to see if that was the case,if not,you may have built in an area that was considered too good and the devs may have patched it out as a fix,as if a base cannot be godded\trebbed\bombed then it is considered more so of a glitch

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I am not on a pvp server, there are some things in my game, I can see my bank and my throne and thralls

Where is all my stuff funcom!!!

I put a lot of time into this game for nothing

where[ is my stuff funcom

You might have been purged. Where did you build and was it only t1? (sandstone) if so, you might have gotten purged. There’s a “purge meter” on your inventory screen that when filled, you’ll get attacked by waves of mobs. As far as I know it’s not supposed to happen when you’re offline, but currently it does (bug?).

Maybe they raid you outside the raiding time.
Same happened to me and a few other already.

One guy saw a raid on official normal pvp server at 4am with explosives. If they raid you this way there won’t be any event logs.

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