Update destroyed an already broken xbox, lost 12 full chests out of my base!

The new patch messed up what is already a very broken Xbox game. I have lost 12 full chests, they have just despawmed!! from my base !!! I think I’m pretty much done with this game. im only one left in my clan out of a team of 8. dev on here haven’t a clue how to run this game
running Xbox one X and the intro has super lag everytime it was that bad that on intro it shut my Xbox down completely
lag has increased by 60 percent
when you log out your charector dies and u spawn in desert.
honestly I am not buying dlc for a game that I got ripped off from paying full price when it’s only 25 to buy, 25 pounds is still high, if you carnt get you game right in first place dont blanket it with DLC as the servers carnt run the original platform and now you tried updating this junk you made it worse which I thought was impossible but well done * clap clap"
stick the DLC where sun don’t shine we don’t care sort your game out or lose all Xbox community
I’ve never heard of funcom till now and I see why. roll on fallout 76.

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Yeah get some…
The Funcom way!

Ugh I’m so sorry to hear this but I honestly thought I was going mad it only happening to me. I lost all 8 large chests from my base and I had 6 cupboards lined up and only 5 of them disappeared, just one left :woman_shrugging:t4: In another one of my bases only 2 stacked large chests out of dozens of (mixed) storage containers disappeared. Actually, one disappeared straight away, after the patch and the other one a day after. What is this Funcom? Any answer on this one please? I lost a lot of stuff and not the only one​:disappointed: :rage: I had only just placed things in them not even an hr before the patch. I’m on EU official PvE 2002.

I’ve had issues with my item wheel contents and my armor disappearing, 6 times so far, and believe me it’s not pleasant. Looks like you guys are losing a lot more stuff than I am. I used to think putting my stuff in my box’s would keep them safe, but no more. I’m just going to collect my mats, build what I need to, and then log off. It’s not even safe to play the game now.