Boxes disappearing again, now everything I owned is gone

I finally managed to get on after a week of crashing as soon as the game started and every box I had except 3 is gone, what’s the point in even playing when the games the one that wipes you?

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That’s how the decay system works if you don’t log in for a week. Are you playing on a official server?

I’ve had same issue with only large chests and random cupboards (in a line of 6 only 5 disappeared) all were inside my base which had 144 hrs. There’s been no word on this about Xbox containers vanishing from Funcom unfortunately. I just now store items I can’t be arsed to get again in the crates crafted at carpenters bench. They seem to be okay

It really is sad that this keeps happening. It’s the main reason why I’ve stopped playing. I routinely lose all my item wheel content and my armor. Recently upon death my body isn’t at the death location, only a shadow, which means I don’t get my items.

Excellent job Funcom. Also excellent by only responding with “we’re only human”, and “we’re aware of the issue and are working hard to correct it”. Bullsh*t, you’re working hard on making DLC so you get more of our $$$.

Would it be too hard to simply explain why this is happening on Xbox and doesn’t appear to be happening on PC??? Why can’t you come out with more than a generic and defensive response? Why can’t you ever respond on your own forum?

Par for the course with game devs these days.

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I’ve also had this issue on server 2503. My bases in the Nord area as well as the dead mounds have had large chests and a few preserving bins disappear. It always seems to happen after an update and it seems like this most recent update screwed with the decay timers on our server.

You never answered the question as to whether you’re playing on an offline or online server.

I was playing online server 2111 and they shouldnt have decayed as someone needs to manually destroy your stuff once it’s decayed, my base was fine but my large boxes were gone, me and my clan won’t be back, lost at least 30 boxes of stuff