Boxes disappearing and a weight glitch

Boxes Gone on PvE-C
I’m on a PvE-Conflict server. I went to bed last night after having stored all my stuff in a Large Chest. Woke up this morning logged on and 3 boxes were gone. They were between a structure(2x2 hut) and a cliff face at the foot of a bed. Our base is near Sepermeru. The boxes had very high value stuff from the expedition the night before and one was full of iron ingots and weapons. All three gone without a trace and no damage to any structures around them, so I would have to rule out any NPC damage. Its too tightly packed for that kind of precision damage. There are many boxes like them in the area that had not disappeared, but these three were the most valuable boxes I had. Is there an exploit where people can damage PvE structures.

Weight glitch.
I’m bare naked with nothing in my inventory and it says my weight is 88. Its hard to carry any significant load right now because after putting on armor and a few weapons/tools I sit at about 90% weight.

Same thing happened to me twice so far in a few months. Approximately 10 large chests disappeared yesterday. One was full of thralls that I collected over the weekend. Its well frustrating.

Disappearing boxes are well known and a big problem. Unresolved since early access. Here we discuss about this in a bigger topic:

I had just returned from my small voyage, and I discovered that everything I had in armorer’s bench, furnace and etc. disappeared. But content of my box inside a closed house with a bed was untouched (for now I have funrace and other working elements outside house, on foundations only).

So this is related to one of (all?) three things probably:

  • decay system - things disappear like a bag of garbage you throw away from your backpack
  • server restart
  • your distance from your box/house - you are too far away and things disappear

I LOST 8 BIG BOXES IN THE SWAMP…no broken doors…nothing bombs…the boxes are disappear…all my stuff is away…i made restart, but the boxes are away… .((((( i build in a black temple near the swamp city…

please fix it…