Disappearing Large Chests?

I saw a similar post from a week ago on the PS4 platform, but I play on PC and this happened to me today. I had 2 stacks of boxes disappear on me, full of elite loot; Gold, Silver, Black Ice, Hardened Steel, Steel, Iron, Star Metal, armor, weapons, etc… These boxes were stacked 5 high. That’s 10 boxes of really good stuff gone. poof

Is Funcom aware of this bug and is there a plan to fix it? If Funcom is not aware of this, they really need to be, and if there isn’t a plan to fix it, there really needs to be one.

You have no idea how many hours worth of stuff just disappeared on me. I have no idea really. But a ton. 100+ is a conservative estimate. Probably considerably more.

Is it because they were stacked? Something else? Please let me know what I need to do differently to prevent this if it is possible to prevent.


Some additional information after thinking about the sequence of events:

The boxes disappeared after a restart.
Prior to the restart I was in the middle of a remodel and removed several crafting stations.
Each station I removed was close to, and possibly clipping into, the missing box stacks.

If you remove a station that is close to a large chest, that large chest and anything above it may disappear.

I’d test that hypothesis, but I’m tired and a bit disheartened by the loss of so much. I would ask that the Funcom developers test this hypothesis and if it turns out to prove true, find a way to prevent it.

Extremely debilitating to lose that much stuff. Please fix, even if this hypothesis proves false. Let me know if you have any questions or if I should be reporting this somewhere else.

The fact that a box full of very valuable things went missing isn’t that odd depending on the server type you’re playing. There are scenarios that I can imagine in both PvP and PvE servers where other players could legitimately take your things. And of course, a box full of valuable items would be a prime target for in-game theft.

I’ve tried testing your hypothesis. I made large chests and filled them, then I made various crafting stations and placed them so that they overlapped with the chest. No matter how I configured these chests and stations, I could not reproduce the issue you described.

You might be able to give us a more detailed test case if you can reproduce this in single player mode. You can give yourself admin there so that you don’t have to spend the time crafting these things. If you can make a consistent test case, then this would help us fast track a fix for an update. Let us know if you manage to recreate the issue.

I appreciate your response and your attempt at reproducing. Did you restart the server after removing the stations? The boxes disappeared after restart. They were not looted by a raid. They were there, full, in the same room as me. Server restarted, and they were gone when I reconnected moments later. No bags from being destroyed, just gone.

I’ll see if I can reproduce in single player.

I don’t think I can test this in single player actually. The chests disappear after an automated restart. If you can describe to me how I can configure that in single player, not with a dedicated server, I’d be happy to test it. Otherwise, would you be able to test it with a dedicated server configured to automatically restart at specific intervals?

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