Lost Items @OS1024

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

Hi, Today i came online ( official server #1024 ), and take a look in our outpost in the Vulcan, and i saw that 4 Boxes ( with 20K Obsidian in it ) are Missing the Boxes was in the Building, and the Building has no Damage, i visit the Build 7 Hours befor. How could this happend ???

Also i build 500 Aquilonian Walls over Night and the Mats are Away, but the walls are not in the Inventar.

That won’t kill me, but it is not funny either.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Maybe the building got a small purge and one of the mobs spawned inside the house and busted your chests? Who knows?!? Would need more info mate.

may be but then, would all boxes gone Right?? But the Other Boxes, are still there

What you say does sound rather random and unexplainable but no-one can give you any meaningful advice with the info you’ve supplied mate.

I thought so, and i think there is no way that Funcom, gives me the Mats back :confused:

but no matter, i love this game :grinning:

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