All my containers missing with all the content

online official server 1734
bug? unsure.

its only been 3 days since my last log in and all my vaults and chests fridges basicly any container is missing. iv’e spent a lot of time on this game and if iv’e lost everthing because of some glitch, im gonna stop playing. not worth trying to get everthing back if i just risk losing it again.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Hey @gorak

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Could you try checking your event log to see if there’s any entry there that could explain these loses?

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no mention of any of them just that someone stole some tar out of defenses.

Have you made sure that the range is max and all the relevant filters are selected. Were your chests placed on foundations within your base? If someone stole tar, it means you play on a full pvp server. Could it be that someone raided you?

no its a pve server which i thought was weird that it sais they stole the tar and yes all containers where on foundations the other wierd thing is all my doors were gone.

It sounds as if your base was decayed.

Purge pulled or they pulled a boss to you.

Show the logs.

it was only three days and all my thralls are in there place and all my crafting stations are there, the only stuff missing are containers, vaults, chests, and fridges. the logs show no decay or that they were destroyed. There just gone.

Great, just logged in and now all my crafting stations are gone. this is geating really frustrating, hours and hours of colecting gear and resources, and named thralls for my stations gone. What the heck.
I set the log for 21 days no mention of any of that decaying or destroyed.

Just out of interest, were all the missing containers on wedge foundations?
It’s an old bug that was fixed ages ago but old bugs have a habit of reappearing in this game.

Also have you tried ticking only the “unauthorized inventory access” and un ticking everything else on your event log?

We are still waiting for screenshots of your event log btw.

no wedge foundation and the forums wont let me upload pictures, it says new users are not alowed to upload pictures.

still wont let me upload pictures.

Hey @gorak

You should be able to upload pictures now.

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Did the structures that lost stability/decayed relay on pillars or were placed away from your main base?

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1734 is listed as pve but quite clearly in the log someone has stolen tar, wood & oil on the 27/1.

Looks like a normal decay.

If you build or place stuff without foundations, linked is best.

It can disappear in 3 hours…

There really should be messages about this in game.

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