DLC and funcoms inability to Fix the game

I was a believer fun com

But now I see…

I will not be blinded by your crappy dlc that does nothing.

Fix your servers - crashes and bugs before you release dlc content.

wtf are you guys thinking? You probally just killed your game.

at this point its pretty obvouis you guys cant handle the task. Then you want more money? serouisly?

50% of the players cant even get into the game…2 months in and servers are dead. and if by some miracle you do get in. Its a crash fest.

you hafta farm naked or risk losing everything to a random dc. Theres no endgame what so ever. Even clan mates do damage to each other…pvp is honestly pointless and horrible. Gods…bombs do more damage than gods.

after dieing bodys disappearing…

chest disappearing…

then you guys delete all my orbs…

honestly why the hell would I give you more money. This is just a few of the issues at hand.

You have failed at fixing the base game…why would I invest more?


While I understand this may annoy some people, I like this because of the reality aspect, it makes pvp more interesting, and even on pve, me and my clan mates rotate the combos so we dont hit each other, its pretty fun.

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You pretty much summed up my experience with the game as well. The only problem I have is Funcom’s insistence on NOT responding as to exactly what’s going on with the Xbox game. I’ve been on the PC side of the house and don’t see anything but logon and crash issues. I see nothing about losing items or not being able to find out dead bodies.

If the deal is that the game was a crappy port from the PC version, just tell us so we can move on instead of wasting our time. I love the game, but don’t love having to re-farm for mats to make the same essential items over and over and over and over again.

I’d can only recommend when u farm for mats to do so in bulk so when it does happen u can just grab what u need quickly. In Crates!! Not chests or cupboards. This is my work around. I have back ups of armours weapons and foods drinks etc. ready to go just incase. I have to say though, I do have some death issues but I’ve only ever lost one full setup and that’s bc I couldn’t b bothered to get it back (at dregs boss). If I leave the area and come back I always see my body drop and am able to get stuff back. The lag on my dead body is horrendous though and I can die in the time I’m frozen by mobs attacking. Sorry to hear you’re having these issues though. I can’t imagine it happening like this, but my clan mate also has hard time getting his setup back after death. I’d not be very happy

I ever not being able to find out dead bodies twice on PC.

i completly agree they should fix the game then release the dlc the only thing they are after is money for example at the game preview its was £ 30 then when the game was fully released they charged £ 49.99 for it they say they are going to fix the game but they lie ists strating to loose players soon it will be free to play otherwise the game will die and soon will be forgoten if funcom doesnt save their game soon