PC Update (28.10.2020) - Update 2.1: Economy update, Character re-customization and Family Sharing settings

did u direct connect when u had issues. Because i did when it froze. And i couldnt see the server in the list. I waited until i could see the server in the list and now im crafting new benches xD

When is this update predicted to come to console?

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Funcom, I hope that you would later on inform players at least a day before you publish a bigger update. It gives those, like me, who run their private server, a change to create a back-up file. It is not automated, if a server is hosted by like G-Portal. Nowadays you inform us at the same time when update is released.


Check with your server host company as many will either allow Admins to do a backup manually before the update is loaded to the servers, or have a backup run daily at, say, midnight or 02:00 daily. Hope that helps.

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It also seems to work for me now, think I have restarted my computer 5 or 6 times and so far I am in game without any freezing for roughly 5 minutes… crossing fingers

The weird thing is this time when I started up Conan Exiles it asked me if I wanted to install the game, and I was like WTH… It is installed, took my chance and pressed install and it just started the game, and so far everything seems normal, although I was suddenly in a different place than when I turned off my computer, something weird happened, don’t know how that could happen, but at least it seems to be working normally now… still crossing fingers :grin:

EDIT: Also tools work again, I can now harvest, tools and weapons didn’t have any hitting sounds other than a swoosh, but sounds are back to normal, guess it must have been a server problem(PVE 6455)


It has been reported among alot of other bugs which are still present in this build.
Exotic fish doesn’t give ichor if cooked.
The deafening humming/drone sound is still present.

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we donwloaded update via steam, also did update of our private server hosted on linux+wine but seesm the server is not V2.1

Direct connect says version mismatch!


I think you’ll make more people happy if you prioritize fixing the numerous bugs in the game, then work on sweeping changes once you have a more stable. consistent game.


Hi Bossa,

Do you see, as a player on your server, the new specialized crafting benches ?

We have the update on our private server, I can see the new specialized crafting benches as an admin, but the players not (nothing in the aptitudes tab).

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I definitely think I’m seeing a problem with the game freezing though. I can’t even close the application through task manager like I normally would. I’m now attempting to reboot my entire machine as the app will not relinquish control of the screen under any circumstances.

DISLIKE the changes dont want new workbenches and why should i make a surge when i dont need t4 thralls ?
weird update very sad what u do to conan



Do you see, as a player on your private server, on the original game (not Siptah), the new specialized crafting benches ?

We have done the update on our private server.

As an admin, I can see (using Pippi mod) the new specialized crafting benches, but the players not (nothing in the aptitudes tab).

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Both actually … But more it seems on tesltive all is ok but live all starts to break :smiley:

Well, there were definitely bugs in testlive, but the issues with the names seemed pretty minor in comparison.

The game crashes sometimes when I enter the menus. It has happened to me once when i pressed I for Inventory and once when i pressed M for Map. The game freezes and i have to terminate it and restart.

Both times was after i had killed and farmed a wild surge, and when i restarted the game, the first eNPC of the surge had respawned, and the fwild surge was on the map again. The first time it happened I killed the NPC, and the surge disappeared.

I am playing on a private server running 2 mods: Pippi -User & server management and Hosav’s custom UI Mod.

On Siptah, or on the original game ?

after interacting with an NPC, no voice sound is played and hitting Talk still no sound but will make the game freeze, tried multiple times :confused: (learning the emote seems to work fine)

It’s happening for me too. On siptah. In both cases I was doing stuff related to capturing knocked out thralls, but I wasn’t doing exactly the same thing. So, that’s probably just a coincidence.

The worst thing is that during their recent live presentation a few days ago, they talked about “probably the end of the year”. As usual, communication lovers. Our host (G-Portal) is not following anything anymore, we don’t have access to the servers configuration.