It's Magic but i dont like it :(

Tl dr: During ‘no Raid Time’ several valuable ressources magically disappeared out of my base. Nothing in the Eventlog. Maybe someone can tell me a way how i can look up how it happened (some logs??) or if anyone experienced something like this before. Server bug? Hacks? i dont know…

I just tabbed out of the game for 15 min. When i tabbed back in, several materials in my base were gone. Its not raid Time at the Moment! Like they just magically disappeared like it never existed. Its only valuable materials like steelfire, dragon powder, … so it’s not some random bug for sure. But theres nothing in the Event log. Nothing. It’s like the ressources never existed. They are gone out of several cauldrons, blacksmith benches, carpenter benches, star metal… Its the same for my friend, so its not just they are not shown to me.

I have over 1500 hours in this game, i know how to build a base, where people cannot steal stuff during ‘no Raid Time’. And like i said, theres nothing in the Eventlog, so i dont think it was people stealing it with some teleportation hack or something… I wouldn’t bother that much, if it was an hacker (im used to stuff like this by now), if i would see how he did it, or it would be mentioned in the event log. But like this… it feels i like i could lose my whole base just like this.

I just got my friends to play the game with me and they had a great time til now, but they all stopped playing right now cause they see no sense in it like this… and i dont even have an argument against it. This is actually the first time that even i myself dont see much more sense in playing any longer. Which i find very sad as its one of the best games i ever played. Against speed hacking or hitbox-teleporting, i know what im up to. Even they have to apply to some ‘rules’. But i have no idea how to handle this crap.

Is there anything i can do, like logs or something, so i can at least see what happened? Actually i still hope its some kind of bug and at server restart everything is there again, but like i said: its only valuable things that are lost. Has anyone experienced something like this before? Official Server #1200 PvP

Edit: The problem is not that i lost some stuff. Thats not nice but i wouldnt care that much if it was a one time event or i woudl know how it happened. The problem is the way i lost it. That i have no indication how it happened and can happen again, and i dont even know the boundaries of this. Like maybe ‘he’ can also delete my base too, or my thralls or…


Sorry if I state the obvious , but I’ve seen videos of people sneeking behind someone that didn’t close the doors behind him on pvp , infiltrating the base , then hidding in it , as the benches aren’t lock ‘able’ they can be looted if someone manages to get to them . For the logs , i don’t know how it works ( since I play on pve-C , I don’t have enough experience to tell if looting a bench in pvp shows up or not in the event log and hope other Pvp players can answer this question for you )

Again I’m not saying this is what happened there (it’s just a maybe it happened like that ) .
Hope you’ll get more answers :wink:


Thanks for the answer. Im pretty sure noone sneaked in, i have multiple layers of walls and doors and the stuff that got lost was deep in my base.
I found a thread were the people have a quite similar problem. All items disappeared
But there it really seems to be a bug. Im not so sure about this at my case. It happened again this morning. I lost lots of steelfire, steel reinforcemnt, isolated wood, … And again only the valuable stuff in the benches got lost. The tar and hide in the tannery is gone, yet the leather is still here… And again nothing in the Eventlog.

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