Lots of missing items

When I logged off last night everything seemed to be in place. I just logged on to find the wall separating our community from the rest of the valley it’s located in gone. In this wall I had cupboards where I stored personal items that I did not want the rest of my clan to find. I had weapons, a sizable stockpile of gold and silver, as well as a large collection of lotus flowers and items given to me by friends. Gone.

I expect to have all of my items replaced ASAP as neither our clan or myself have done anything wrong. While other clans on our server block important locations, we’re the ones punished. All of these items belong to Truth Clan on server #3517. Place these items into any members inventory ASAP please.

They sadly won’t do anything. They could care less about all our hard work we put in. I’ve lost so much and they’ve done nothing. I would suggest taking screen shots of everything and their lack of response and open a lawsuit for time lost.(streamers lose cash because funcom can’t maintain stability.)

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of items @snoogans. There are no Game Masters for Conan Exiles. We do not offer MMO style support for this game. We don’t have logs to tell us what you lost, and we don’t have commands or tools at our disposal to provide you with any items under any circumstances.

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