Thank Crom Conflict decay is back!

I can’t wait for all these abandoned bases to decay! :slight_smile:


Sorry m8, I know it’s pvec, yet looting decayed bases is not my style, I find it… low. I am a damn excellent farmer I need nothing from no one after all.
But I am happy the decay timers are back, that means the servers are fixed and players can normally play the game. This is the awesome part for me, well done Funcom :+1:t6:.


Wow a sandstone base ther some planfiber and some seeds worst to wait the next 10 hours not that somone sneaking in and steeling this stuff :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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@Bearhunter , I find other players here carrying similar gaming madness. Like @CodeMage once said I was preparing everything in a sand stone little house so the day would come to build a small monster base so everyone would say, where did this came from?
Do not underestimate sandstone builds :wink:

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Lootgoblin behavior i dont can realy understand but it give a lot of peopels that have from each base the exact decay time and ready whit boxes and caravan pets

Lol, you think I was looking for loot? I was making a cheeky post about an ugly vs pretty base, lol.

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