How Do You Cope with a 2-week Absence?

I’ve started again recently after playing a fair bit in early access. I love much about the game, despite the bugs. But I’ve recently been reading up about the decay timer.

My work requires me to travel and though most of it is for a week or less, I do get two-week trips now and then.

I don’t expect Funcom to make any exceptions for me or anything. I’ve just had another 2-week trip penciled in and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I can try to save most of my stuff.

I can accept the buildings going down but I’ve been harvesting just about everything and the thought of losing my resources, thralls and rare stuff just doesn’t appeal to me.

I’ve tried moving everything onto my personal inventory before logging out and letting everything fall to bits around me but even that has a item limit. Is there anything else that I’m missing that someone can think of? I’d love to log in regularly but there’s just no way I can avoid work trips.

Suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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Turn off decay which you can. That is what we do cause the group can’t play all the time.

I assume this is on an official server? What about having a server friend join your clan and do decay checks for you? Or another friend on another server, it only has to be once a week and have the thrall pots topped off with some food.

Alternatively, I’ve seen a few call out requests gain success on places like Reddit. People with huge bases posted on Reddit asking for help as they knew they were going on vacation for longer then the decay, and often good hearted community players have chimed in offering to pop into the server once a week to do a decay check for them.

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You could build a vault or 2 and give them to someone friendly on the server to place, then give them everything you want kept to place in them for you.
Won’t save your buildings but will at least save your stuff.

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I do play on an official server. Unfortunately, none of my friends are keen on CE and I play solo most of the time due to work and family commitments.

I guess I’ll just have to get used to starting over until it gets old. Thank you all for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

I’m not sure how your finances are but you could get a cheap laptop just for logging in on vacations …as long as where you are going has internet.

#1823 used to do this for players - good ol’ days.

Thanks for suggestion, Lexior1. I used to lug one around on work trips but not anymore. Wife hates gaming so no laptops on vacations. I’m not keen on splashing out for a new one just to log in on work trips either.

No worries, I’ll just suck it up and reconsider starting again each time I have to travel.

Cheers for the replies, everyone.

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