Decay…do I have any options here?

The decay is back to 7 days and I go on vacation for 8 days starting tomorrow. So I’m going to lose all my work obviously. Before I quit do I have any options to salvage anything? For example, can I just start loading myself and my thralls up with any items/materials I have? Would I come back on day 8 and just be surrounded by my thralls with no base but would be able to rebuild with whatever I have on me? Summer isn’t even over until the end of September so why do you end the summer extension so soon? Thanks.


Have a friend or clan mate log in for you, if that is an option.

Also, consider reskilling into passive regen, max survivability, surround yourself with dancers. Equip anything and everything that might give you an edge to survive for hours while afk. Hope the server restarts at the right time so that you get home in the nick of time. -.- Perhaps one of the sigils could be useful. Sigil of the Goblin? Reduces damage? Not sure if it applies to dehydration/starvation damage or not. But if you can out regenerate that for long enough…

In theory you could log on in the AM after server reset, leave as planned, and your character could make it to at least the next server reset while afk?

Or does Conan Exiles kick afk players at some point? I regularly window out inside for 30+ minutes without harm.

But yes, if you are planning to lose everything, I would stack up stuff on thralls to rebuild after. Make sure you pick everything up, piece by piece to retain as much resources as possible. (Deconstruct your base, rather than demolish it). And anything that wont fit on your thralls, put in the recycler to condense stacks, if that would help.

If you don’t have anyone in your clan “in real life” just have a trusted friend temporarily join your clan to refresh it once. Maybe you play on two servers and have a friend on the “other” server. Ask them to make a throw away alt to refresh your base once while you are away.

Or buy a second Conan Exiles account to log in and join your own clan. -.- Depends how attached you are to your stuff. lol


Do you have a friend you could invite into your clan to update decay for you? Otherwise pack thralls and pets with valuables might be your best bet make sure they are in a safe place.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I am a one man clan.

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Looking like we where both typing with 1 mind although yours is more thought out.

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Not sure what platform you are on we have some honest people on the Forum private message someone of appropriate platform and ask a favor you would be clan leader. Just a thought.


If it’s not a boosted server just put everything of value on your body

PvE server, I suggest body vault your hard to replace things, including materials to repair and rebuild, expensive benches, unplaced thralls. Find some place up high enough off the ground NPCs bother and and large enough to hold it our favorite horse and fighter.

The above is probably true PvEC and PvP as the most appropriate tactic but you need to hide your body really really well.

I’m on a relatively empty pVp server so I guessing loading up and hiding with my thralls is the only option. Ironic enough, most everyone left the server because of the 7 day decay, but hopefully I’ll live to tell the tale next week lol.

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That’s gonna tough go without a clan. Good luck mate, I understand the solo struggle with this kind of thing.

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If you mean placed “in the world” thralls, I suggest leaving them away from your sleeping body unless you turn their aggression off. It’s very easy to find people by aggroing their thralls, and often it’s just by passing nearby. There are some great hiding spots in the jungle, please bear in mind temperature effects while you sleep, and good luck! :smiley:

ETA: On my server, we’re still at ~335 hours.


How about using “remote play” to quickly login/refresh/logout its available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam?

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Unfortunately I only have a desktop :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you have a trusted friend or relative that could could log in for you?


Unfortunately I don’t

I can understand if you’re hesitant but if worse comes to worse I’m sure someone on the forum would make a character just to join your clan and come refresh for you

Then all you’d have to worry about is getting raided while your away

Id offer but I’m on Xbox and since you mentioned desktop I assume you’re on pc

I’m not sure how it works on other editions but gamepass ultimate has cloud gaming if you use that version. You would probably need a controller/adapter but you’d be able to play from your phone or an iPad so long as you can get a connection. It might be laggy but should work for refreshing at least

Hopefully you can get something worked out! If nothing else the recommendation to pick up your stuff and hide is probably your best bet

Edit:I haven’t tried the cloud gaming yet so I have no idea how good it will be


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