So what happened?

So When Shadowlands WoW came out i stopped playing conan exiles, but i made sure to log in like once a week to prevent my base from decaying because I knew i wanted to come back to this game. I even had my base in the swamps near green forest obelisk knowing no one wants to make home in the swamp at least on my server. I don’t know if I didnt log in one week or not. But i logged in recently when decay times were extended. My entire base is gone and I was dead. I didn’t get a “this person killed you” or anything. No reports of my base decaying or being killed not that i could find where that would be at.

So I was like well crap but it didn’t bother me it was a small tier 1 village. I had a lot of good supplies i would of loved to keep but eh its not a huge issue. I didnt like the swamp that much anyways. But All of my followers are gone too all the combat ones my horses, pets everything. And i’m just like wtf D:.

Rip all the named legendary crafters too :frowning:


First of all , sorry for your losses !

are you playing on an official server ? or a private server ?

the extended holiday timmer only apply if you logged in after the extension of timmer , if not your base will continue it’s last timmer ( so a week untill you last logged ) .

The fact that your thralls have also disapeared ( if you play on official servers ) means that you didn’t connect at least for 2 weeks ( since thralls & pets have a 2 week decay timmer that refreshes with any connection of one member of clan to the server ) , if you press escape and go to the event log , you can tick the construction box and the one about unwanted access to inventory , then set the time to max and distance to max , then press submit ( if you see an entry saying xtypeFundation owned by Yourclan has switch to decayed state , this means the fundation and the base attached to it decayed ( because of reading purpose it won’t show you an entry for each fundation/wall/ect… ) )

if you are certain that you connected at least within 2 weeks , then maybe your base decayed , and your thralls / pets now out in the open , was killed by other players ( there are various ways they could have done it )

and last if you play on a private server , then it’s maybe admin action …

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PvE-Conflict Official #1940. It definatly wasn’t two weeks :/.

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What does your event long say?

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ah i had to hit submit to make it work. Seems like i let my base decay and someone demolished it and looted it… then my clan leader just deleted all the extra followers i had left :confused: Well this really sucks.

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Sometimes starting over can be fun. You can try new servers, new base locations, new base layouts, etc.

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I’ve started over or made new character over a dozen times (literally). You can always find a new way to play and a new way of doing things.


I mean i’m probably gonna stick to the same server. And keep my character. Just gotta start from there.

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I hope you don’t mind , but may I ask you , if you are in a clan , why did your clanmates let your building decay and deleted your thralls ? was it by lack of communication ? did they thought you left the game ?
or was it your main base to all , and having lost everything your clanmates decided to "leave it clean " ?
I’m asking cause for me having a clan is to work together and refresh each others outposts rather than letting it decay and delete the thralls of each other .

I’m also asking because if you continue on the same server ,you need to ask yourself question about your clan like will you stay in the clan ? or create your own ? cause why stay in a clan that lets your stuff decay and even more delete it ?


Well right now part of the clan went to isle of siptah, most are on burnout right now and playing other games. Lack of communication is probably a big factor. The guild leader usually refreshes all the clans bases but i didn’t say anything about me being mostly non active and clan leader didn’t ask. But i’m pretty sure the event log said someone basically picked it clean and the buildings flat out got destroyed by the scavengers leaving only my low level army left. I think the clan leader took the horse and my 2 personal strong followers and deleted the rest. I’m not sure if i wish to stay in a clan at this point or not but i’m still invested in other games atm so i dont know if i’ll be making any big decisions.


All I can add to this conversation is, don’t feel like you need to pressure yourself. It’s a game, Conan will still be around when you feel like you are ready to come back and are itching to play again. Enjoy your current library of games, and we’ll see ya when we see ya.


This a a good conversation. Well done, all.


I started over a few 100 times :joy:

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