To decay or not to decay, what's going on?

A neighbours base had decayed and disappeared so we decided to extend our base. However not all of the items from their base had gone such as a thrall pot, statues, totems. The issue is since we laid some foundation these items from their base have come out of decay and are sharing our decay timer now. Anything we can do? Will this new decay timer also affect the thralls from the clan that are left behind?

That is super weird. Are you 100% sure they share your decay timer, and not the timer of another base that was previously attached to it and still exist?

Not so weird , I personnaly have 6 spiked fences ( from a former banned troll clan that enclosed my clanmates base ) that have their timmer linked to my clanmates base now , When the enclosing walls were out of timmer , my clanmate started linking the 2 parts of his base that was previously 2 smaller base one near water , and one a bit further near trees to make a treehouse , because he didn’t want to be as easily enclosed anymore . in the process he built a bit to close to those 6 spike fences and they caught our timmer , I beleive it works more fore 'placeables" than for actual building pieces ( I beleive it’s in the way placeables works that they "catch the AoE of your base timmer " )

To answer your questions , The only way the placeables are going to vanish is if you unbuild around them and let them decay before rebuilding !

for the thralls that are left : thralls have 2 weeks before they decay ( where base have only 1 week ) and they only need a connection to the server from one member of their clan for their timmer to be reseted , so they may vanish after 2 weeks of the clan owning them not connecting . but if they connect and decide to start again playing , chances are they will stay there untill ( you speak to them to come and take them ) a long time if you do not speak to them about it !

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Your supposed to demo any decayed items before your own construction.

Although, I have seen decay timers at 0:00 for a good long time before decayed status.

Hi. There are no buildings left at all. Only the items listed and thralls. Using the repair hammer, we can see that the decay timer on the remaining items is exactly the same (to the second) as our base. So, they went from decayed, with only a few hours left, to full 168 hours decay timer (synching with our base). So, we can’t do anything with them.

It makes no sense to me for someone else’s items to synch to our base’s decay timer.

Hi! Thanks for confirming. We rushed to put foundation down as we didn’t want a repeat of a clan building so close to our base we couldn’t defend it properly.

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I would advice to report it in the bug section. They might not be aware of it. It could be fixed in a few patches, who knows?

I believe they know about it. Remember seeing a post somewhere about something similar over a year and half ago. Seems nothing has been done.

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