Longer decay time for holiday season

Please Funcom , just do it a longer decay time like you did back in July/August . Or me , my clan , some servers will stop playing right now because all the time spent will get decayed so why bother with bases and farming in the next weeks ? Its natural to be some time offline this days.
The problem is that once those players stop playing and go to other games it is much more rare to make them come back to Conan…
Any chance ?

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I have accepted, grudgingly the rot timers in this game. It needs to be more than two weeks though, or a “holed up” item needs to be made for your base that makes it more durable, and longer lasting. Have it on a long cooldown, couple weeks, and its purpose is for extended breaks or vacation. Place it, your base becomes more or less unfunctioning, and you can then leave for couple weeks or a month till uour return

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