Probably Been Said But -- Please Fix Decay - Give Us "Pauses"

I love Conan, but I also love vacations with my family. My family is also my clan. . . The decay system is a bit unforgiving for holidays and vacations, and I really don’t want to lose 100’s of hours of structures.

I would suggest two things:

1 - decay is automatically paused around major holidays

2 - each player has a few 3-week pauses they can use, so that they can take vacation or breaks when needed.

I’m loving the game, but the looming specter of losing all my hard work is making me regret playing on Official servers. But then again, I love the community on my server – so isn’t that the point? I would hate to have to play on a private server or single player to avoid losing all my hard work.



You have my full support, but most likely nothing whatsoever will happen. If you’re lucky you have vacation time at the Funcom-approved time when they extend the decay timer, if not - you’re on your own.

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Used to be 2 weeks, made a lot more sense to me.

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Absolutely supported!

It must be possible to take holidays without coming back and all is gone…
10 days is not enough. A normal holiday absence needs at least 14 days, better 21


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