Extend Decay Timers To 2 Weeks and Cut Out the Holiday Decay Timer Shifts

With the recent holiday decay timer extension, I wanted to point out that when the timer went into affect, the decay timers on almost all buildings on the server went down to 3 hours. If they were not refreshed within this small window (to a decay time of 2 weeks), then they decayed. This was problematic as a few clans on my server lost buildings due to this unexpected loss of decay time.

Given that this is a possibility, among other reasons soon to be mentioned, I believe it would be beneficial to all players in the Conan community if a 2 week decay timer was standard on all official servers. While I concede that a 1 week decay timer may be necessary for PvE-C or PVE servers (as base destruction is impossible), I believe that if at all possible, a 2 week decay timer should be used on officials for the following reasons:

  1. Vaction: Some people take week-long family vactions or work trips, and may not be able to log in to the game EVERY SINGLE WEEK.
  2. Work/Life/Game Balance: Having to log in to Conan every single week to maintain your progress in the game is burdensome and can become a chore. People should want to come to your game because it is fun. Not because they are forced to to maintain their game progress.
  3. Why not? The decay system is in the game to destroy unused buildings to preserve server performance and generally clean up clutter. I imagine the design of the system is not to punish players who may be more casual or have other things going on in their lives. Funcom’s business model is based around game and DLC sales, not a subscription. Therefore it makes sense for Funcom to focus on making the game fun, and reducing video game “chores”. Feeling like one has to log in every single week to maintain progress, doesn’t really make sense.

I think it would just be a massive QoL improvement for the game and it would remove the need for extending decay timers for Holidays or Summer Months.

I don’t think an additional week of decay would harm server performance much. Particularly not on PvP servers. What do you guys think?

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