Decay time killed this game for my clan

Due the 6 day asinine policy our server lost all of its map rooms.
The steward of them went to the hospital for 10 years, and everything he had was gone. He quit CE.
Being a slave to any me is not fun, been there, did that.

Decay system is wrong and I’ve always complained about that; The timer should be much longer to give players enough time if/when something happens.

When a player decides to quit the game their structures it WILL decay, simple like that. It doesnt matter if it takes 6 days, 14 days, 2 months, the structure WILL be gone because the owners DONT CARE anymore. A short decay (7 days) only hurt those who play the game, and may be eventually unable to login for a week (health problems, vacations, work, hardware problems, etc… it could be anything really).

One week is not enough when you compare to how much effort some people put in this game, every active player is at risk. A major computer or console hardware problem is reason enough to prevent people from logging in for several days… This is how bad this short decay system feels. Its so bad Funcom has been forced to extend it for vacation periods! Look at how absurd this feels, during a specific time of the year a key feature must be changed to reduce the negative effect on the players, that tells much about said feature.

Since we are talking about this I have something important to say. Its summer in the South Hemisphere, lots of people will be going away for vacations. Im expecting the same treatment an extended decay timer for our vacation, just like it happened when it was Summer break in the North Hemisphere, right?

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Because if i am hospitalized, my first thoughts are “Crap, what about my base!?”.

If you care that much about your base, then it should motivate you to get better to refresh it. Just saying.

Or, a game shouldn’t literally self destruct.

That’s like Ford building a truck that explodes after a week unless you drive it through the ford plant. It’s free, but you have to drive by the ford plant, to keep the truck from exploding.

It’s… stupid. Nobody would buy the truck. Same concept, literally, same, concept.

The current self-defeating-ness of the “rot” system cannot be understated.

Anyone supporting it has Stockholm syndrome regarding the matter.

The ONLY way it can make any form of sense is if you give the timer a much longer duration.

SO you would be okay if you couldn’t find parking because the finite parking lot (server) would be full of un-driven Ford trucks that have truck beds full of bricks that no one can move.

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This analogy doesn’t work. All gear and items crafted and kept in a player’s inventory are not lost. That’s closer to the car analogy. What is more applicable here is imagine you stake a claim under the homestead act. Land is free, as long as you use it. If you don’t use it, its not yours and goes to someone who will use it.

The solution for players is to either find a private server where the setting is 2 weeks. Or join an active clan who will hold your spots for you while you’re out.

But this is the problem with this gaming generation. Its all about ‘me’. Its about what ‘I’ lose. Its never about the other players they play with. The system is there to provide a fair access for Active players. The game rewards active players. That’s the metric on who gets the most benefits.

Knowing that, play accordingly.


You could go to a custom server with a longer decay time and higher harvest rate so that you can rebuild in a fraction of time. If your on ps4 i can suggest a server that would be a good fit for such things that has no rules and has a high harvest and xp gain rate. Its pvp focused and you get a 1 week grace period where no one will raid you after that your on your own.

What I will likely end up doing is playing Atlas.

The Devs are aware of the decay mode and cant seem to balance abandoned players and folks that have a life. They do not want to populate the server with dead buildings, yet the thralls and pets live of weeks or a month. They used an 18 day decay period and said there were too many building abandoned. Id be in favor of a 21 day decay start period.

Glad Im not in Funcoms shoes

I’d rather stop playing CE than be forced to do either of those things. As it is, I’ll continue playing until something causes me to lose all my stuff (be it a bug or the decay system) and that’s it. No way I’m rerolling anywhere. In the meantime, however, I’ll continue to advocate for the decay system to be more grown-up friendly.


Hey becouse of the short decay timer people and clans quit playing all the time so we start getting bored without other clans. Everytime they are off 1 to 2 weeks i can just go in and take all and destroy all thing they have build. So i understand people quiting. So we dont need explosiv and war anymore? becouse i can just wait for them to go on vacation then i just open all stuff they have. I see this like a big problem

I concur with Mikey, I will not be a slave to any game or machine period.

Been to private servers, had one. Ours folks bugged us everyday to change this or that, then they left. Other’s servers they change crap all the time, and worse create problems by using the live server to experiment with. Then they are forced to roll the server back 3 days to cover there stupidity, and we loose everything we have done for those days.
So we are on a official server with players names and clan names i cant lost here for they are to naughty for a family channel. Not to mention building over nodes.

Join another clan is a joke. We have another player in our clan, he robbed us blind.
cant even lock the front door to keep others out. It was much better in Early Access where none of this existed.

Joining another clan also means losing possession of one’s buildings, because the clan now owns them. And the clan can not give any buildings back to a single player once he/she leaves the clan…

Purges should get rid of abandoned structures, not decay. We have two systems to take care of the same problem, one of them doesnt hurt active players, the other do.

If we had a smart purge system it should be enough to keep active players entertained and get rid of abandoned player bases,

So 1 guy in ya whole clan couldnt just log in for 10minutes every 7 days to reset it?

I play with my wife. A duo, that is it.

The fact that I play as a two man crew does not mean my work (4 months of grinding) should explode over the course of a week.

It is frustrating to have to log in and babysit Conan Exiles (if you wanna keep your stuff), and if you give up on it cause it’s cancer, then you REALLY don’t wanna bother again for several weeks, or months.

Self defeating game design. Hence, the low population servers and the small number of players.

Conan Exiles did not manage to retain the HORDE of people that gave it a try… because all their stuff exploded, and they quit.

If you recall, at launch all the servers were capped at 40 players for hours and hours, again quite busy with pets launch.

Retention is a problem though. Everyone tries it, has a brief bit of fun, gets pissed off, and leaves.

They all go play the OTHER games that can retain players.

Not interested since you can rent your own server and crank the decay to nothing over the holidays or permanently for that matter.

They don’t even need to rent a machine. Anything with a decent amount of RAM (like 8GB) on a home network would suffice. The dedicated server software is a tool in steam and is free (don’t need to use a regular steam account or can get it on the guest login through the steam console).

Whole list of steps to set it up is on the wiki.

The issue though is they want to take up space more active players could use. The system combats that. And it should favor active players over less active players.

You must not own a server, you have to daily to see if there is either a server update or a Funcom update. Rigght now the private server I play on is down due to todays patch.

NO one gets a free ride in Conan