Adjust building decay timer on Official Servers to keep players from leaving the game

Issue: I have seen many veteran players leave the game in the last 2 months because their buildings decayed. This has happened to me 3 times now. Loosing 1+ years worth of work just plain sucks.

Game Mechanic: Currently the default building decay timer is 7 days on official servers.

Details: I do appreciate that you want to keep people active and engaged in the game, but this decay timer is just way too short. Whether going on vacation, hospitalized, or just dealing with real life demands, this 7 day timer will likely catch everyone at some point. When someone looses months of work, they tend to be less likely to return to this game.

Solution: Increase the building decay timer to 14 days on Official Servers.


I am always for that… And I normaly play daily!!

Never understood this 7 days crap… 1 week is not much. Have some private issues (which are always way more important than any PC game) and all your progress is gone…

And with the thrall cap limit and killing off all thralls which are over the limit, I dont see a reason why decay should still be at 7 days.
If you have people on the server which login every 7 day so that there buildings will not decay, you have no downside… They did it with 7 days anyway.

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I have seen some really great players leave the game because of this – and I don’t blame them. The next time it happens to me, I am definitely gone. I prefer being on a public/official server but I feel I may have to start looking for a private server if they don’t address this.

A 7 day decay timer is an effective way to kill off the casual gamer population, and turn this game into a game that is mostly about babysitting your base, partly from Purges (not working well), partly from PvP (only on PvP servers) ((which are the minority of players)), and mostly from the decay timer.

Decay timer is literally the biggest threat to players in this game, and almost everyone I have spoken too thinks it needs to be extended past a week.

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