WHEN are you going to re-enable looting of decayed builds for PvE?

I have been on this game since the start of early access and have seen many changes some not for the better. But I really can not understand WHY? You decided to stop us being able to loot decayed builds.
I came across one the other day bags falling from the sky with LOADS of glorious goodies all going to waste because I don’t own them. Well no one owns them it’s decayed and there is no building there just bags of loot falling from the sky.
Come on Funcom please put some of the FUN back into the game.


It’s because certain persons over here feel that players choose to play on PvE because they don’t want other players to profit from their efforts even after they have quit the game, so their right to have their stuff decay without anyone being able to claim it, must be respected.
Most PvE players actually think otherwise and are in favour of bringing scavenging back, but those two individuals who oppose it are very vocal.


/me casts Thread Necromancy…

You aren’t the only one wondering when this is going to get re-enabled. Just this past week, I provided a suite of thralls and weapons to a fellow long-term player on my server because their base decayed and I wasn’t able to save any of it while he was hospitalized. :frowning:

He literally reached his base as the lootbags were falling from the sky but only managed to save about 3 named thralls before it all despawned. They about quit the game over it.


thank you !

but i believe funcom is not working atm, so, i guess we will have to keep bugging them until they fix it just for the heck of not hearing us about the same thing … :slight_smile:


they said they listen to the majority, Funcom knows it, to the point as they said they planned to bring it back (since nov 2018) , but sadly its not a priority (of course it will never be, because its not PVP, they seem to only listen to PVPers, see the amount of nerf just because PVPers did not like something? , lifeblood spear, sword of crom, many different spears) if we were PVP i am sure they would have fixed it in 2018, but its just PVE and PVE is the ugly duck for funcom. we do not deserve their attention. PVE equals : not important at all.

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I am not sure about some of the arguments here being valid.

I would say 1) if a person truly wanted no one to benefit they could remake their character and then exit to main page. Perhaps, I’m wrong but the description reads as if everything goes away instantly for a solo player. Funcom would know that and not need that reason for preventing raids.

  1. From what I can tell all the DLC are for PvE players. That’s not being ignored.

I suspect raids are not allowed because it’s PvE and person A will raid person B as soon as 1 building piece has 1 tick of decay. Even though Person B is making the rounds to prevent total decay. That doesn’t sound like PvE. And the game is probably coded so it doesn’t know stages other than not the case vs is the case.

I’m guessing. No hard feelings if you don’t like my guess.

Change Decay timer to 7 or 14 +1 days. Problem solved. That way you only have to log in once a week or once every two weeks to not have any decay start. So as long as you long in once every Saturday, regardless of the time, your base won’t decay. And if you don’t, it’s on you.

We are on about looting the bags from a decayed base, instead of it going to waste

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I know, and that is what I am talking about. Make it so that as long as you long in once per week or two weeks, your base won’t decay. That way, if someone loots your decayed base, you have no one to blame but yourself.

I was basically saying, make it absolutely certain that if you logged in last Saturday at 8am and didn’t log in until 8pm this Saturday, your base won’t decay.


you need to visit the places, if you have many,.and you dont want to spend an hour refreshing, let some of them decay (just as it is),. if you do not refresh your own structures, you are the one to take the blame,

we the ugly PVE ducks are still waiting to be heard, and for fumcom to do something, its been 8 months waiting already funcom, PLEASE STOP treating us like garbage, Thank you.,


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