Three reasons why looting of decayed buildings should be reinstated in PvE

  1. Nobody was complaining about it, it didn’t harm anyone or diminish anyone’s playing experience, and it didn’t cause any software instability. It was unnecessary to take it away from us.
  2. Players who used to enjoy raiding abandoned buildings were upset that they could no longer do so. The change was unwelcome.
  3. Everyone else is completely indifferent to it, and so, although they’re not upset, they’re no happy about the nerf either. Nor did the change increase software or server stability, ping, crashes, exploits or other technical matters. The game isn’t better now than it was before the nerf - neither subjectively nor objectively.

Given, therefore, that the removal of this feature caused harm while doing no good, and was universally received with displeasure by the affected and with indifference by the unaffected - I must ask you what possible reasons withhold you from restoring us the ability to claim the treasures that are being left behind by departing players?


Strange, I really was under the impression that I wasn’t the only one who cared.

I am less concerned about plundering leftovers but by far more concerned about trading.
(If plundering isnt possible because of other people having no access to my dropped goodies, then trading isnt possible eighter.)

You aren’t, but there are already several other threads about the exact same thing that we’ve been speaking up in.

It’s an interesting topic.

I use to loot and pillage decaying bases left and right as well, there was a certain Grim satisfaction.

But I also think captured named thralls is part of the progression, and looting named thralls from a decaying base, especially when 2 or more contenders are flying about the base like vultures, does create a bit of bad blood. It also shortens the game’s lifespan by some when someone loots a named thrall that was never earned. But then, who am I to judge? It’s subjective.

Looting decayed basest might cause certain scenarios where a player is mobbed into inactivity just so people can loot his base after he quit.

When I ever quit the game (probably not for the foreseeable future, I feel quite comfortable maintaining my base now without purges to worry about, and have returned to playing more often cuz F76 is deteriorating patch after patch, unlike CE) I’ll be kind of glad that all my thralls, and things, and accumulations will fade into history along with me. There is a certain closure about it.

I have left my base on ARK to another clan… and whenever I return to ARK after several months of not seeing it, and find it in pristine condition, unscathed, and well maintained I feel a bit sorry for the clan that maintains it, and feed my dinos out of respect, when i’ve clearly quit ARK for good…but then not really. And… I joined THEIR clan, so it’s not really mine anymore. It’s in a strange limbo.

With things properly “gone” there is closure that is good for the peace of mind.

It’s like… Forfeiting one’s attachment to be free with a modicum of dignity for one’s achievement.


You’re not the only one, I created a topic for this way back (you posted in it, so you know of course). It gained a bit of traction, but all we got was a vague promise to look at bringing scavenging back “in some form” (incidentally no-one asked for new mechanics or concepts to be developed, really, we just wanted the change reverted).

Of course that thread is locked now, due to inactivity:

Maybe theogic used was its a pvp action to loot others, notice you still can loot decayed bases on pvp.

I am indifferent. But I can see why you would be upset. Looting has alwaye been a part of the Conanverse.

I would personally like better trade and merchant options over looting. But that is just me.

It feels weird trading with another character and dropping a sac on the ground in front of them.

Not to derail though as much of the stuff one looted would be interesting to sell on a black market. Maybe have it tagged as looted. Wouldn’t do anything but add flavor and create a reputation for the looted/pillager.

Just thoughts.

Sure, and in general I’d agree. It’s just that decayed loot is not really stolen from others, since it’s lost anyway. That’s why I think it’s false to claim that they’re just bringing the systems in line or whatever it was: Looting decayed structures has nothing to do with looting player corpses or their thralls or their chests/workstations etc.

I meant more like it seen they linked all those lootsbles into the pvp/pve config.

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