Can't loot other players decayed buildings on PVE any more?

A lot of defesive people on here.
I literally say there is nothing wrong with the idea of looting decayed bases. And then state why i see the logic in the decision that was made. Yet people want to drive home there opinion of the change as fact, when some are just offering what might be going thru the devs minds and following a logic trail.

But i guess i am totally in the wrong, and the devs are just pure evil. They just like to eff with players. Yeah, that’s it. makes total sense now.

And to say, you don’t even play, so your opinion doesn’t matter is quite insulting to people who offer up their opinions.

Guess since none of us worked on creating this game, we shouldn’t have an opinion on how they program it. Yeah, though so :smirk:

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Yeah, the inconsistent nature is confusing. Maybe there was streamlining of paths within the decay system AI, and tying it to the loot setting seemed smart at the time and helped in some areas. who knows.
To me it is something that in reality is harmless and doesn’t prevent people from performing all their other core mechanics to enjoy the game. I would rather the team concentrate on major game breaking issues. This should be low on the priority list.

To further reduce their servers population, to maintain people online has a cost you know :wink:

On PS4 you definitely cannot loot bases like you used to be able to. Not that it really matters. Another day or two and there will probably only be 2 players on my server. What’s the point of having gear or a dead server?

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So the one dynamic that players could use to clean up an area better than any patch funcom put it was a bug-really?

That’s hard to believe.

For people to say it gives a player an advantage because they can get high end stuff well BS to that since all that stuff breaks eventually so if they are not high enough to craft it they will no longer have it.

Extra thralls are not an issue anyway. Any one getting loot from an abandoned building got lucky. Luck has a a part in survival.

To say no looting goes against Conan lore since Conan and friends were looting any decayed structure they could plus graves and tombs to get better loot, weapons and armor.

Really what issue did this ability cause?- none that I can see.

Aside from some people maybe being jealous they did not get the phat loot, I don’t understand anyone supporting this change.

ok, since there is no looting decayed bases anymore, why not remove the ability of a player to destroy a decayed base. just increase the decay timer a little bit,
i mean a week of decay timer is short, why not 2 weeks at least…??

I also brought up that the demolish option should be removed now.
However after finding two sandstone pillars left in the ground at least one week after the bridge they support had decayed and disappeared I have changed my mind.
Funcoms code bugs out sometimes and not all of a structure decays and disappears … so in those cases only demolish can remove or the land would forever be claimed by a player/clan who no longer plays.

IMPORTANT for anyone just reading, here’s the info that was mentioned in the first reply:

(At the top of the notice)

I hope it’s an unintended side-effect of something else they were trying to do, and that looting decayed bases will become possible again with an upcoming hotfix.

I’m 100% sure they will revert this change. No one agrees with this. I’m also sure the guy that had this brilliant idea just plays single player (that is if he plays the game at all).

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Two players ? You are very lucky, in my official EU I am normally the only one (at prime time that is).
The game is already well beyond dead…I wonder why…

EU server 1090 here, and I have never seen fewer than 5 players at any given time. I play daily for several hours, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes at night, sometimes even at dawn.

That so called bug make no sense to remove it… Think about all PVP Complaint Game supposed top resemble real life haha. Yet ability to benefit if someone Leaves all crap behind we should b able benefit & not Should matter if we cash in on item’s… Looting is part of Game even if PVE or PVP. Now that has Strong Ring on Logic.

As explained before:
The settings were changed to be in line with the rest of the ruleset on PvE servers and to unify all the settings to make a distinction that should have been there from the beginning. It was also linked to a bug with quick looting.

We have however already collected the feedback from the PvE community on this and we took it back to the team. We already have discussions internally on how and in which form to bring back “scavenging”.

So we hear you and it’s being looked at. :slight_smile:


Just revert it to the way it was before. Everyone is against this change.

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