Ownership of decayed items

I was running towards a decayed-looking structure when all of a sudden, POP! it all turned into big bags! sweet! I thought, free loot! but alas, I could not loot. The owner was nobody, (listed that way) and yet, nothing. I missed out on someone’s forgottens! I think maybe that would be a nice tweak for PVE, is to allow that function. once decayed maybe a visible timer, so we can come back to snag the goodies within.

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You used to be able to grab to loot bags on decayed structures in PVE, just like in PVP and PVE-C. However, Funcom made the decision that raiding decayed structures was not “true” PVE and restricted decayed loot bags to the original owner only.

I don’t play PVE but PVE-C so maybe I’m missing the whole point of PVE but…

If you can’t loot bags if you don’t own them, that means you cannot even trade with other clans.

If you cannot even trade and the only interaction with other players is when they block your path to some place… in that case what’s the point of playing PVE online in multiplayer and not just in single player mode ?

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When a player drops an item on to the ground from their inventory in PvE then any other player can pick it up…this is how we can do exchanges on a PvE server when we are not in the same clan.

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And i Think we shud be able to unlock chest and work stations (but still able to lock the thralls) so other Clans can have acces. As they can do in pvp.

Ah ok, so trade in PvE works.

Sorry, I assumed ALL loot bags mantain their ownership, but obviously it’s not true if trade works.

Thanks you for the informations :slightly_smiling_face:

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