Is decay unbalanced

Decay is too short, (Fresh) players are constantly effected by it.

reconsider it. (Perhaps two weeks, tho 3 weeks worked fine)

Even better in that context; consider getting rid of Demolish. It’s a seperate game.
"Real players"vs “DecayHunters”

(i have 4500+hrs)

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Again, not a bug. This is a perfectly valid topic to discuss on any of the following subforums:

Please, for the love of Mitra, can we keep the bug forums uncluttered, so that both Funcom and other players can use them to find and discuss bugs?


Decay is fine at 7 days, it is public servers … !


Hey there,

We moved this to the Feedback category as it is not a bug report.


Decay time is fine, what we need is a method to stop people (who do not play on that server anymore) from refreshing their bases forever.


7 days, I always thought was too short. Granted last year, it may appear fine since most people were stuck home, but normally people do go away (vacations) or travel for work and may not be able to update their base timers because of it.

Also, if you play once a week (lets say Sunday) but your hours played could change one week to the next. For example, I play in the morning this Sunday but next Sunday, I play in the evening. There would be a gap and I could find my based gone because of a few hours even though I play regularly every Sunday. I think at least it should be 8 days to compensate this issue.

There are many decay hunters in the official servers.


You nailed it! I wouldn’t have anything against a longer max decay timer if refreshing weren’t so effortless. As it stands, I prefer the current decay timer, because it gives me and everyone else a better chance of disposing of people who not only don’t play actively, but can’t even be arsed to put in a few minutes a week to refresh their stuff. If you’re not playing with the toys, don’t hog them.

Full disclosure: I used to refresh my base like that. And if I ever go on a break from a particular server without deciding to quit that server, I’ll refresh my base like that again. We need an in-game mechanism to discourage that.


On your note, how you stop someone from refreshing their property. Also how do you know if they do not play anymore either. I play at all different hours in the day. Most times, hardly anyone (0-4 players) is on the PvE-C server when I do pop on. But when I log on other servers, there is 20+ players online.

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No, don’t stop people from refreshing their property. That’s not what this is about. What some of us would like is for the game to discourage having huge bases without playing actively.

It’s not actually that hard. If you pass by someone’s base every day, it’s trivial to check the decay time. People who don’t play actively and only log in occasionally to refresh will have bases with a clear pattern of decay. I should know, I was one of those :wink:


It could be argued that people who log on to just refresh their base and then logoff are not playing the game anymore.

The “how” is a different topic and recognizing a problem comes before having the solution anyway.


Well a base nearby me decayed, but I have seen the player on during the week. Granted, he has multiple bases, but may have forgotten to touch his base in the East. He was not the only one, months ago another base decayed while the player has been online a couple days before (oddly both in the same area). I have allowed my fishing camp to decay but I am on at least 3 times a week.

On a different point, I have a clan mate who went away (he did not tell us) so his base decayed. No issue, he started over in another spot, but he was actively playing.

I play on the PvE-C server at least once a week for at least 1-2 hours. My timers may appear I am not playing depending which day you check, granted my clan mate pops on periodically as well (he has no personal base) so that may not 100% accurate in this case, but it would appear I am not playing at all. The location is not very large so obviously its not an issue, nor my structure has been fully upgraded to T3. My old base decayed in 2019 and I returned late 2020.

I know players who only play once a week (on the weekends) since they do not have time to play during the week. I also know sometimes life takes priority and you are not able to play for a period of time but do not want to lose your stuff. (Family in hospital, hospice care and funeral) Its not like you actively not playing but unable to for a few weeks.

Which is why the “decay hunters”, as this thread calls them, aren’t some horrible monsters. I know a player who keeps tabs on decay timers for most of the bases on the server where she plays. She is a nice person and will often let people know that their base or outpost is close to decaying. :slight_smile:

I mean, if his base decayed, then he wasn’t actively playing for a whole week. That’s the whole point of the decay system, and it’s pretty easy to mitigate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging your clanmate for not telling you he was going away for a while. It can happen due to unforeseen circumstances, and it’s perfectly fine. But let’s have some perspective, too: if, for example, I wind up unexpectedly hospitalized for a week or longer, I have bigger problems than a decayed base in a video game. Likewise, if a family member died, the loss of some bits and pixels on a server in the cloud would be dwarfed by my personal loss.

The method I described is the method players can use to get an idea about who’s playing actively and who isn’t. It’s not foolproof, and it certainly isn’t meant to be an explanation of how Funcom should implement any solution. I’m sorry I didn’t explain that, I should’ve been clearer.

Let me also clarify the broader point and concern that I’m trying to address, along with other people like @Cyryus. I have nothing against people who have a small-to-moderate base and refresh it with little effort. They’re not the problem. The problem stems from a combination of overbuilding and effortless refreshing.

One real example is a PVE-C server I’ve visited, where roughly 75% of buildable area surrounding New Asagarth is claimed by one clan’s huge base. As things stand right now, it doesn’t matter whether the owners are playing actively or just logging in a few minutes a week: that base will stay there regardless, occupying that same space and having that same impact on server performance.

That’s a real problem on many official PVE(-C) servers, one that has been brought up countless times on these forums. It needs a solution, but that solution should definitely not be based on the pattern of the decay timer or anything like that. Personally, I’m in favor of a well thought-out, reasonable upkeep system, but maybe there are other solutions.

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I get the issue of oversized bases especially the one you mentioned. I seen way worse than that on the PvE-C server I am on (before it decayed), so its not a decay issue but a base size issue per player and/or clan.

Overall, I do not mind decay, I just think they should add 1 more day to it, but that is me.

Limiting the size of a base probably be pretty complex. A base could have let say 1,000 blocks but take a huge area since its mostly foundations, empty spaces, placeables, etc, versus another base with 10,000 blocks but barely takes 1/4 of the area of the first since they built up than around the area.

Also some clans like mine have (or had) 9 active members where each member built their own property in the same area. So it was fairly large but if looked at each individual player’s base, they were mostly small to medium sized. (A few of those bases decayed since then) The road around the clan area still remains but no longer connects to the decayed bases. It still connects from the clan leader spot to the clan member which partially circles the tiny lake area.

I think it would be hard to come up with a rule that would work and be fair.

Exactly! But now that you pointed that out, maybe I should’ve realized that agreeing with @Cyryus would result in derailing this thread.

Sorry for that :frowning:

FWIW, I genuinely didn’t mean to. It’s just that I saw what he/she wrote and went:

It’s a hard problem to solve. And the one solution I am vehemently opposed to is the introduction of a hard cap, like what you described in the rest of your reply. Limiting the number of pieces is not something I ever want to see in this game. An upkeep system would be acceptable, though, but it’s also hard to get right.

Anyway, I apologize again for derailing this thread and I’ll stop talking about it. There are many threads that already discuss the upkeep and overbuilding and whatnot.

No worries. I love reading your responses :slight_smile: in various threads. You put a lot of thought in your responses.

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There are possibilities for decay changes. One of them is:
A placable item/workstation/altar that each clan or solo player can attach to a base to double it’s decay but requires a live human sacrifice to reset. The reason it would require live human (not tamed thralls) sacrifice is because there’s no way (as far as I’m aware) to stockpile unconscious humans. If the sacrifice is not made before the decay time runs out then the altar is destroyed and the base is demolishable. Active players will have no trouble getting 1 sacrifice and inactive players won’t be able to simply log in to reset decay.


So, log in, stand on the altar and remove the bracelet?


Nah, what they mean is log in, port to Sinkhole, bop a T1 Darfari on the head, use the public map room to port back to your base. Total weekly time went from 3 minutes to 5-10 minutes depending on where your base is relative to the nearest obelisk :wink:

All jokes aside, it’s an upkeep system, but with two problems: 1) the cost is too low, and 2) the cost does not scale with the size of your build.


That wouldn’t be a live sacrifice :laughing:

Both valid points, but there’s room for adjustment. Higher tier bases could require higher tier Thralls or more of them.


The decay timer as it is effectivly removes from multi-player anyone that does not want to constantly babysit their base on a weekly basis. This removes huge numbers of “casual” players. The folks that might log in and grind out a few hours once every other week or so. It’s more enjoyable for them if they don’t have to worry about it. Usually because they already have too many other issues to deal with IRL. (YES) Some people have a lot of responsibilities… and it’s illogical for them to add the additional burden of logging in once a week to refresh everything or lose all their work and fun. Many people forsee it being an issue, and just never bother. Or try it once… then get pissed off and leave forever. It’s a horribly self defeating idea. There have been dozens of forum posts suggesting alternatives or augments to the system that would improve it. It’s NOT fine how it is. But we all put up with it because we don’t really have a choice. (Single player/Private servers) is not a choice for some people. If you want multi-player that you can depend on, official is the comfort zone for most people. Some private servers are great… but then they shut down, or the mods get loopy and you can’t log in for a week. ./rant Decay system sucks butt.