High Priority Fixes Build 104551/18892 [13.08.2018]

I have seen this issue before, but it did not occur to any of mine during the Testlive.

This is the first time i’ve ever heard or seen it.

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Update came in, 15 min later we’ve had a server crash, rebooted ok - will post again if we crash again.

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After Steam downloaded the patch, the game throw error " PAK corrupted files" at launch…

Some of the thrall hp problems are still there.

Most (but not all) of my thralls started with 100 HP, and are not regenerating above that until and unless I’m close. I had a 750 hp thrall right next to where I was logged out which started full-health, but higher-HP thralls were at 100 hp (or appeared to have been around there by the time I got close enough to check them, as they appear to have started regenerating as soon as I logged in). When I teleported to the volcano, however, all my thralls placed there were at 100 (actually around 132 by the time I ran from the Obelisk to my nearby base). This was despite having waited at my first base until the thralls there had regenerated up to ~2200hp (which took 10-15 minutes), so they appear to have started at 100 hp, and not started regenerating until I was close to them.


When the change comes of the sound cues when browsing inventory? Can not play the game without sound!

Hello, I am in 1975 Server, with the new update i still have an old slave in the air nearby. But I’ve found a new big bug: I couldn´t hit enemies or pick stone, i make no damage at all with weapons or tools. Please fix this issue.
Thank you

  • Fixed some issues where Thralls health would reset after restarting the game

Yeah this is not fixed

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It’d be nice if Funcom also prioritized structure workstations disappearing. This has been an on again, off again issue since the final release patch went live in April. It’s been game breaking for the people on my PVE-C server because not only are they losing the workstations, but they are also in many cases losing the named thralls on them which is a considerable lose in time and effort.

This problem has been around a while. I found if you move the thrall after changing/removing their cloths, it fixes the issue.

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Is there any chance a bedroll was near/beside the workstation that disappeared?

Thanks, but it´s not my slave, just and old one.

During the last week I´ve found me naked beside my bed while re-entering the game, as well as death, but with no message about the reasons why and with not corpse on tne map. I’ve lost some good weapons and epic armors. The second time it happens i begun to leave the game naked and with my stuff in a case just to avoid this bug.

Yoy are right, but only since next server restart. Then the ghost clothes reappear. Thanks anyway.

Thralls don’t aggro bosses, still. So claims about thralls defending purges is naturally false as well.

Where are the actual bug fixes?


No chance at all. For example, two of the workstations were stoves, on T2 wedges that have been there months.

It may not be the case but this really seems similar to the issue where place-ables were instantly decaying when a player got near because the T1 ceiling model was changed and that affected upgraded ceilings to that T1 ceiling. Effectively lowering the ceiling and breaking the connection to place-ables.

it could be that it is fixed next server restart, we’ll see tomorrow.

Try to restart the server again, see if your thralls still start at 100 hp.

Thank you. Was just restarting the game when it started to download. Cannot wait to go to Sepermeru again.

Same here, same server 1504.