[PC] Hotfix for Live: Version [98222/17925] (25.05.2018)

Sooooo many updates. With so few ‘fixes’. Half the time when you claim to fix something, you break something else. Such incompetence.

You must be unfamiliar with Funcom. Welcome to the way they do things; release game with great potential but loaded with bugs, take forever to fix anything, everyone eventually leaves, Funcom moves on to the next thing they can make money with.

it was not like this during early acess.

but it change since release …

still no fix for purges spawning inside of base. when will we see a fix to buggy thrall AI? they still stand there and watch you get attacked. had to turn purges off because of how thralls are, and how they spawn in the base.

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There are more bugs in this game now than there were 2 months ago in Early Access. You got my money funcom. But you will never fool me again. Do you guys get drunk before work? “Hey, here’s a ton of new servers and a couple bug fixes, but we still can’t figure out the major bugs in our game.” I have never made a negative post on any game’s forums, but here is my first. Amazing game with great potential, but you guys are HORRIBLE at fixing bugs. Hire more coders with all of the profits you bragged about on your website for this quarter. Do you job. I have to do mine or I get fired.


Also please note and read the following post:

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I still load fast, I loaded fast even from HDD, but the thing is, we had at least 3-4 times faster loading times at some point (maybe because game actually used all of my 6 cores for loading unlike max 2 currently). I was able to see piece by piece how base was loading and bases would load significantly faster. All of that was gone in 1 patch/hotfix.

The most important thing for me is!

There are no Aquilonians in the game? and no Hyborians are not aquilons

They came from the north and destroyed Acheron

There are no Picts, Himelians, Vendhyans in the game? Craftsmen or slaves, armor?

There is no architectural style for the jungle?


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The most important thing is to fix the bugs and perfomance issues and not new stuff.

And not every week, each 2 days!

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Hello is there any way to report Bugs/Exploits which u not want to post open to ensure peoples dont use it for exploiting ? .
I tryed the link in the FAQ Tread but it always say “Acces denied” if u click on it…

So if this is a “Live” Patch, why did I have to switch to “TestLive” for your official servers, and my private server to show as valid version?

Where’s this list then buddy? I can’t find it…

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Oh right, I forgot…there is no list (yet)!

But for real, we (and I think also Funcom) need one asap! :bug::policeman:


Anti-harassment game mechanics? There will be no game mechanics if they aren’t fixed, game play needs serious attention.

Huzzah to getting smart and making “smaller” chunks of data for hot fixes. None of these can be called an update. An update improves features. Hot fixes, corrects (one would hope) the mistakes made by their last “Update/Hot fix”.

The game has lost its luster, the appeal is no longer there when you can’t play the game with any real method or continuity. What keeps me coming back are the people on my server. And it is only for them I return. Certainly not to check my fishing nets, or see if my weapons will miraculously appear on the rack, or even the Named thralls I whacked last night to surprise me with a reappearance!

Someone asked about them being drunk, well we’ve seen them drink their beer on the Dev Stream talks.

Stability, shouldn’t be so befuddled. And decreasing the rate and number at which NPC/Creatures spawn is not a resolution.

Blockquote …While these might not fix the issues for everyone immediately, each of these smaller updates is an improvement for someone.

Really?? Whom? It should fix for everyone. Such a statement is mind boggling. Someone drawing names out of a hat and deciding ‘Oh, this will fix for XXX’ for get about the rest of the player base… Losing credibility fast there folk.

Be blessed… Time to go watch a movie.

While a experience some of the issues by myself and lost stuff because of it, i still got the impression of playing a complete different game when reading some of these post. Some of you guys should learn some patience. It’s better for health anyway…

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Yeah, i have paid my game as well but it’s a matter of habit. But go along and hat to your heart’s content!

Dear developers. Will there be any further updates:

  1. Transport / mounts to move around the map.
  2. Will there be ■■■ in the game?
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I just started to play C.E. online this week. After a day of playing on MoosGamesTV server, I had to quit because of poor server performance - a ping between 210 - 610. But, Moos is EU. I’m in US. Go figure, right?
Yesterday I searched an official pve-conflict server. There was nothing in the U.S. below 60ms (though, oddly, I was finding some EU servers reporting 44ms pings). So I chose the U.S. server with the lowest ping. There was no difference in server performance - major stuttering that resulted in me teleporting off cliffs, or the stairs of the tower that I’m building, at least once per hour. I wish I could craft an auto-deploying base-jumping parachute.
Server technology is not my thing, so I have no specific suggestions. But I hope you re-invest some of that $21 million revenue in server improvement.

So exploration isn’t a viable way to hit 60 anymore? So all the people who hit 60 before this patch are going to have a huge advantage over those who did not. The majority of people on my server are not 60 so I can see this causing a lot of issues.

Did exploration exp get nerfed?