[PC] Hotfix for Live: Version [98222/17925] (25.05.2018)

Read the “Balance” fix.

This is literally all it says

Read the thread in general discussion titled “xp loss and no replacement.”

We had patience for 15 months during EA, but now this is meant to be a working fully released product. How long must we remain quiet before complaining? another year? maybe two?


So that’s it? I mean since day one I’ve been dealing with lag when I kill npcs meaning I can barely do combat at all… And you’ve fixed thralls falling through the ground near doors, but not their overall health, or the ones that die because they are above ground levels… I think it’s time to get a refund.

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When have you ever remained quiet?


I’ve been nothing but honest throughout. I’ve given praise where praise was due, and criticism when it was called for. I’ve tried to remain respectful I believe. Have my comments throughout this forum not been constructive?

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Rexall’s comment was even better. He plays conan exiles on PS4, nonetheless he wants a refund because PC didn’t receive a sufficent patch, yet. Some people seems to search for reasons to get enraged. :relieved:

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sigh , damn re-log simulator

So I enabled building decay after not using it due to the lack of explanation for how their decay mechanic works (despite a thread acknowledged by Funcom I found from some time ago) and nearly every structure on the map exploded. No alterations were made to the multiplier but all the active players saw their bases vanish as soon as I applied the basic setting.

Some answers to this would be great…

The timer keeps ticking down even when decay is disabled, apparently.
At least that’s what I gathered from reading some threads on the matter. Lots of people had this happen.

One update caused my decay to be re-enabled, I lost some structures because of it as well. Luckily it wasn’t a lot, just what was not near a foundation.

And he has a point. Since developers are silent, they don’t want to give me list of cache files used by CE, they never told us what is issue with performance (after “console optimizations” and after they updated and enabled denuvo). I reported performance issues several times and nothing was done in that regard. First time I had to report performance issues was with February combat patch and since then, performance only got worse (together with how game looks in same package).
After one of the recent patches, when they introduced 2 new values:



they completely screwed up shadows and we got 0 fps from that. Even shadows from games which are released 10 years ago look better

If I have to delete the game for couple kb/mb of cache files, I will not download it again. I am 100% sure in that. As I already said, beside clearing cache files, there is nothing else I can do except waiting for crack to see how will game perform, especially if denuvo gets completely disabled.

I do not search for reasons to get enraged, because I am already enraged because of silence.

For the PC Fraction: There is a Mod which fixes the Light Armor journey step bug


Do it works with official server? Or only for private one?

EDIT: Tested and it works only on private server with this mod, or offline

See the bugs forum; we are complaining. Question is, will Funcom ever respond to these cries?

Maybe its me, but I get the impression that others think I was asking if we should be quiet, that’s not what I was saying. I was replying to someone else’s comment who had claimed we should all be quiet. I DON’T think we should be quiet :slight_smile: and was asking him how long HE thought we should be quiet for.

I also know that there ARE members of Funcom listening to all our concerns, many of the issues we have raised have already been fixed as proof. They have also given us some feedback on other issues.

Many of us who have been trying to help Funcom by posting issues are just a little frustrated that we don’t get a lot of feedback. They asked for our help, we gladly give it, it would then be nice to have these issues recognised in a list.

When we hear nothing official, it leaves everyone wondering.

Notice, the level of bug reporting by the community has gone down since launch. This will be because of the lack of feedback, not the lack of bugs!. All we ask is to keep us up to date with the repairs/updates and a priority list so we know an issue is being looked at.

The game IS better and more stable than a few months ago, we all want the same goal - CONAN EXILES


The simple fact of the matter is it seems the game was rushed out of EA far too soon. If this is what they were willing to do, then they need to also be willing and prepared to support it like an official release game.

The time to be quiet was during EA. That’s the whole point of EA, to get the major issues worked out, fine tune the details that were missed initially, and ensure your gameplay mechanics make for a balanced, fun, and fair environment. What we’ve got here at the moment is a complete and utter mess.


Please fix thralls falling through the earth upon being knocked out…

Building works ok … :wink: And I love the Princess dress, very pretty in white with Blue trim.


please fix PC client crashing on directx errors. happens once a day if not more now. never had this during EA.